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Saw this in another thread:

DARPA's New Sniper Rifle System

You can expect newer generations of optics (years from now) to make use of info feeds from satellites along with preprogrammed settings for a variety of ammo/rifle combos and video capture/transmission in real time. The optic's display will also eventually include a go/no go icon that can be prompted by a commander at a distant location who is watching the video feed.
You had me up to "go/no go".

Despite my often apparent bleeding heart tendencies, I hate restrictions and ROE. I would much rather train a lot fewer guys, and trust them to do the right thing rather than micro-manage them and put ROE on them.

Giving anyone but the shooter go/no go power scares me at a very fundamental level.

Military snipers are generally really, really good at making judgments like this. Of course, that doesn't mean we shouldn't AAR stuff that goes wrong, or sweep it under the rug, either.