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This is a discussion on Innertube for grip sleeve within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Went to Fred Meyer yesterday after work and picked up a 20" bike innertube for $3.69 As soon as I got home I cut a ...

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Thread: Innertube for grip sleeve

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    Went to Fred Meyer yesterday after work and picked up a 20" bike innertube for $3.69 As soon as I got home I cut a couple pieces off it and got me a cool new grip for the G30. I actually like this setup quite a bit. The 20" innertube seems to be the right one. It's really tight to get on, but that's good so it won't move once it's in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon View Post
    If your's splits that soon/easily then it was either too tight or to thin or some combination of the two. Mountain bike tubes are much thicker. They do need to be tight enough to not move but not so tight as to split the second you get a nick in it.

    I do recommend Agrips a lot if you don't mind paying for them. I don't think they look too good but the feel is great!


    i'll try that. thanks for the tip

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    I have inner tubes on my G22 and G36. I don't remember what size inner tube but I think I just got the cheapest inner tube Wally World had. They have been on the Glocks for several years and work great for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crue2009 View Post
    your better off just getting a Hogue or Pachmayr slip-on grip..probably not going to cost you much more then a innertube..
    +1. I just bought a Hogue hand-all jr. a few weeks back for only $6.50. Perfect little grip with finger grooves and all. Makes my PF9 feel like it's attached to my hand and the recoil is basically nothing now. I shot 200 rounds in one sitting and my hand didn't hurt a single bit.
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    I have an "inner tube grip" on my PM9. Works great!
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    That sounds pretty neat, guess I'll have to make a trip to wally world.
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    I just changed the tube out on my son's bike, and am thinking about digging through the trash to "recycle" it.

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    Went to my local bike shop, asked for a couple of tubes from his trash can, got two different sizes - free!
    Have used three layers of them on my Keltec P-3AT. Still the same ones after six years of 24/7/365 carry!

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    I used a 16" x 1.75 - 2.00 inch inner tube from Target....about $5.00. By turning the inner tube inside-out (after cutting it to size), I put it on my circa-1982 Charter Arms .38 Undercover. I recently purchased a Pachmayer grip, and although it dramatically improved the gun's feel in my hand, it just as dramatically interferred with the revolver's concealability (in the way I carry, at least). The inner tube sleeve makes the splinter walnut grips a lot less slick, but it doesn't affect how well the gun slips into my pocket for pocket carry. I also carry a Ruger LC9, and I added an inner tube sleeve to this firearm as well.

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    I've had good results with Whatagrip

    you can usually find it in the tennis racquet section at wally world there may even be enough to do two layers...

    It's cheap <$3.00

    There are some silicone type cushy/rubbery grips available too but i haven't tried them
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    i would say a 2.0" would be perfect. It'll be tough to get on there, but it'll be extremely snug, which I think is good. I use one on a few of my pistols....they're perfect

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    Talcum powder on the inside of the tube and on the grips will help it slip on.
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