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nice cheap edc light FOUND!

This is a discussion on nice cheap edc light FOUND! within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Most Walmarts carry a coleman light that runs on 3 AAA's with a boasted 115 lumen output. It is a GREAT light, no pocket clip ...

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Thread: nice cheap edc light FOUND!

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    Most Walmarts carry a coleman light that runs on 3 AAA's with a boasted 115 lumen output. It is a GREAT light, no pocket clip but extremely reliable and tough. I've had mine for 6 months and am only on my 3rd set of batteries. I use it when I patrol my apt complex
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    Thanks booyah. Based on your thread I went to Target and purchased this flashlight. I agree it is a great edc flashlight. I carry mine on my belt.

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    I went to Target today looking for this flashlight but they were out of stock (only 1 Target in my town) so I got the INOVA X1 pictured below.

    It was $20 and didn't come with the extras like the belt clip and whatnot, but it's BRIGHT and it's small and light. To put it in perspective, the knife pictured next to it has a 3" blade. It's shockproof, waterproof, crushproof, and comfortable in the hand as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emrah View Post

    I have that exact same light. And I was equally jazzed when I saw it in the package. Then I took it out... It's a great light but it most certainly cannot be carried as an EDC (for me at least). The tailcap does not unscrew enough to disable the light activation. With most lights, just a 1/4 turn or so prevents the light from activating.

    The on/off button on this thing is SO freaking sensitive that you barely have to touch it to activate the light. Not turn it ON mind you, but momentary ON. Well, you can imagine how the slightest graze from just being in your pocket will turn this thing on/off throughout the day.

    I was VERY disappointed with this light as it is otherwise very well built. Unfortunately, it is relagated to riding in my overhead console in my truck.

    Not to be a flashlight snob (and I realize not everyone can afford it), but there's a reason my Surefire's cost $130+


    Two easy solutions to this.
    One take the tail cap off the light, using two allen wrencthes, unscrew the switch from the tail cap between .5 - 1 turns. This desensitizes the switch so its less prone to the brush it and it turns on

    Two pull the clip off and put it on the tail cap. This way you carry it button up in your pocket, and your less likely to activate the switch randomly

    I did all of the above and love it

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    i bought some at sams called serengetti 160 lumens [?] with strobe and strike bezel front and rear. 2 pack was about 30.00. i have had them for a while and they been great so i went back and bought 2 more packs. somebody on the GT forums put me on to them.

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    I want at least 120 lumens for a SD or weapons light. Don't think this one will get that bright. But if it fits your needs go for it. Fenix makes some decent lights at a affordable price.
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    If you're gonna spend $20 on a flashlight, why not just go ahead and spend $50 or $60 and get one with MUCH more power and quality?

    For me, the perfect EDC light is the Quark Tactical 123*2. Nice thing with this light is you can program in your two favorite modes, for tight head and loose head. Plus, it has 200 OTF (out the front) lumens. When you press the button, you know exactly which mode will come on every time.

    I own a bunch of other high-quality smallish lights too. They all rock.

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    I was going to post this same discussion topic. I, too, found this great little light. I've been carrying it for about 4 months now, and haven't been disappointed.

    Ya know, I have a bunch of the expensive name-brand lights, too:
    -Surefire Executive Defender (E2D)
    -Surefire G2 Nitrolon
    -Pelican M6

    This one ends up in my pocket more days than any of the others. And honestly, it lights up a room as well as the $100 E2D, plus it's got a bluer light (LED vs. Incandescent, which I prefer).

    I've had the surefire circuits overheat from use, and the circuits and/or bulbs ($20/each) all break from being dropped. The Pelican made it through some rough stuff on deployment, but the switch in the tailcap broke shortly thereafter.

    This little energize doesn't have a lock-out, or the crenelated striking bezel, but it's proven to be durable, compact, and effective. I can't say it's a better light than my Surefire or Pelican; I know better. I just really like it's size, price and performance. And it's use of a single AA is hard to put a price on, for sheer convenience.

    MY $.02
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    Picked this light up at Target tonight. Very impressed so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr95gt View Post
    Picked this light up at Target tonight. Very impressed so far.
    Details, we need details please.
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    Don't laugh, well okay laugh if you must....

    I have a few 9 led 3.5" long strong aluminum cased flashlights that I really can carry easily in my pocket. They put out a pretty bright light for fairly up close work. Not suitable for searching for your dog or BG, but excellent for the price since they are free at Harbor Freight with the coupon. I have several around the house and in the cars. It's great having one when and where you need it.

    I looked and even bought cheap ones before that claim greatness but aren't better than these. Thing is I don't go out at night much and these will deal with car issues, etc. They are not gunfight quality so if we can't see each other I'll let him turn on his and shoot him before he gets me in his beam. If he doesn't have one perhaps I'll walk away instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post
    Looks handy. I bought a 2 pack of 150 lumen LED lights at Sam's made by Element for $35 a while back. Worked good for a while, but now it momentarily cuts off and back on. I need something else. Might give this a look.
    BugDude. I also purchased several of the lights you're referring to. I've had a few that do the same thing - cut on and off. I researched a little and found out that the battery holder is the source of the problem (it's made of plastic). Try wrapping the battery holder (with the batteries in it) with a piece of electrical tape around the middle to keep it all snug. Sam's actually stopped carrying this light, probably because of this issue...
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    I will look for this light the next time I am visiting the local Target store. I like bargains, especially lights that use easy to find, common use batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by booyah View Post
    pocket clip (that i reversed to carry button up) and I love it.

    How did you manage that? Did you have to file the clip down a bit to get it to fit around the tailcap?
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    i just pulled it off with the included cord, then pushed it straight against the side of the tail cap. I also used my leatherman to pull it out a bit so it could go on tight.

    I'll see if I can post a pic maybe tomorrow

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