Ok everyone I need some opinions. first off, I have a remington 870 6+1 with an 18.5 bbl. love the gun but its needs a couple things before I would like to make it a home defense weapon. It is stock as is right now, but I would like to try that hogue tamer pistol grip on it along with the fore-end. Like everyone else I would love to put a surefire fore end with a light but they are 250+ bucks and thats more than I paid for the shotgun. I have a safariland quick detachable weapon light that I have fallen in love with. Ive actually taken the mount off and began using as my duty flashlight bc it runs off of AAA batteries and is just good quality. I wonder if this light would function well as a light for the 870 if I needed it to be? its designed as a pistol light and it does not metenion if it could handle the recoil of a shotgun. any opinions?