manufactured mag or off brand mag.

manufactured mag or off brand mag.

This is a discussion on manufactured mag or off brand mag. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The guns show is coming to town in about 2 weeks and I was going to try and pick up some extra magazines for LCP, ...

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Thread: manufactured mag or off brand mag.

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    manufactured mag or off brand mag.

    The guns show is coming to town in about 2 weeks and I was going to try and pick up some extra magazines for LCP, Glock, ext when I go. I did a search and found a lot of talk regarding magazines in general but didnít find a answer to my question if anyone knows of a forum let me know please, otherwise my question is would you go with a manufacture name brand magazine or a off brand company that makes magazines compatible. I donít really know the price difference and if itís even a notable price diff. worth getting the off brand all the local shops only sell name brand that Iíve noticed.
    Are these off brands just as good and worth saving a few bucks by getting?
    This would be for a CC by the way.

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    It depends on the brand of mags in question, some are OK some aren't. Generally speaking, Promags are garbage and it's worth shelling out a couple more bucks.

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    A buddy of mine picked up some non- factory Glock mags at a gun show. They fed perfectly fine however they did not drop free(even though they were drop free mags). you would have to pull them out of the mag well. This is ok for the range but unacceptable for cc as far as I am concerned. If you plan on carrying your mags then you have to ask yourself is your life is worth a few bucks. For me is is factory mags only for CC.
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    I use strictly manufacture mags for carry but use off brand for practice. The off brand tend to spread the feed lips over time, so they provide random malfunction practice. Then just rebend the lips back in and start over.

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    I use only factory mags with my rugers and my XD. Seems like most reviews of the non factory Ruger mags are negative. I will only ever carry factory mags but one day I might try after market mags for range/practice use. Price wise depending which maker you have you can see a savings of $10-$30 on non factory magazines

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    I believe it is MegGar (sp) that makes mags for several firearms companies. The best way to buy mags is take the gun with you and if the vendor will let you try them out right there. Do they fit, lock the slide to the rear, eject cleanly and so on. Now I am talking bulk mags here where they are not in the package if they are individually wrapped see if he will open one to try will give you a general idea.

    The market has been flooded with Korean Glock mags lately, I haven't heard anything good or bad but I dont own a Glock so have not been looking. I tend to stick with factory made mags for my Sigs and Para, for my 1911 mags there are great aftermarket mags from Wilson and Chip McCormick that I use.
    Remember that it is not the loading of a mag and leaving it that way that wears out springs, it is the the loading and unloading that take a toll, so sometimes you will find good deals on LE trade in mags that were carried a lot and shot a little.
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    I have 10 KCI mags for my Glock that I use for range use in maybe 4000 rds I have had a hand full of issues with them but I would say that 98% of the time they are perfect. For training this is perfect because I get the occasional malfunction clearance practice. But I don't carry them. I got them for $10 each.

    For my Kimber I use Wilson Combat mags and they work like you would expect a Wilson Combat 1911 mag to work.

    For my new PM9 the factory mags seem to be the weak link and I had 3 mag related issues in the 1st 200 rds. (2 failure to lock back and a goofy double feed on insertion because the bullet wasn't fully seated to the rear of the mag.) I am hoping to find something that works better.

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    Factory or MecGar is the way to go. Actually on MecGars site they state they make the factory mags for 20-30 different companies. Good stuff!

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    I have MecGar mags for my Sig P228 that I have been very pleased with. About half the cost of factory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSteve View Post
    I have MecGar mags for my Sig P228 that I have been very pleased with. About half the cost of factory.
    Yep. Great mags. Other off-brands...not so much.
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    Only GLOCK magazines for my EDC 19, even the 33 round magazine. Eliminate as much margin for error as possible.
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    You will pay more for factory mags. At a recent show I found a MecGar for my Hi Power for $27 that held 15. The same guy wanted $40 for factory that held only 13. I bought 2 of the MecGar's who I believe makes them for FN.
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    I would not buy cheap on something I'm gonna trust my life too,just like the machines in bathrooms that dispense items,is it worth 18-21 years of child support,or do you buy name brand for extra sense of security
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    JD is right on... ProMags are quite possibly the most unreliable and troublesome mags on the market. Run, don't walk, away from them.
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    Mec-Gar and Wilson are the only two brands I use, if not using factory "name brand" magazines.

    Glock magazines are cheap enough that I fail to see why anyone would by something else for their Glock. It's when you start talking about High Powers, 1911's, CZ's and other such handguns that non "brand name" magazines come into play.


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