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Need a powerful, small light

This is a discussion on Need a powerful, small light within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a fan of Surefire. I carry a G2LED on duty (PO) with an E2e as a back up light clipped in my support side ...

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Thread: Need a powerful, small light

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    I'm a fan of Surefire. I carry a G2LED on duty (PO) with an E2e as a back up light clipped in my support side rear pocket. The E2e also serves as an off-duty light.

    Some salty cops ask me why I carry 2 lights on duty. I was clearing a garage on a possible burglary in the dark when the bulb blew on my Streamlight (my old preference). There is a spare bulb in the tailcap that was useless at that point. The next day I went out and bought a second light.
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    Go Here:

    I bought one of these a yr ago, I use it almost every night walking the dogs; and still have not replaced the batteries.

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    I switch between the Fenix PD20 and the ITP A2 eos. The Fenix is $55 shipped on ebay and the ITP A2 eos is $20 shipped on ebay. Both are very well made and very dependable.

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    I just got a Quark 123, and a 123^2 cell light. They are pretty darn cool, but you have to program the two default modes.

    123 cells are admittedly too expensive, even when you buy them in bulk, online, but they DO have significantly more OOMPH, especially if you have just one cell in there.

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    Don't laugh, well okay laugh if you must....

    I have a few 9 led 3.5" long strong aluminum cased flashlights that I really can carry easily in my pocket. They put out a pretty bright light for fairly up close work. Not suitable for searching for your dog or BG, but excellent for the price since they are free at Harbor Freight with the coupon. I have several around the house and in the cars. It's great having one when and where you need it.

    I looked and even bought cheap ones before that claim greatness but aren't better than these. Thing is I don't go out at night much and these will deal with car issues, etc. They are not gunfight quality so if we can't see each other I'll let him turn on his and shoot him before he gets me in his beam. If he doesn't have one perhaps I'll walk away instead.

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    Love my Fenix with 2 AA -big lumens 180! strobe is awesome

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    I use a Smith and Wesson Galaxy Elite 2 AA CREE Tactical Flashlight, it uses 2 AA batteries
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    Don't ignore the NiteCore D10. Small, blinding brightness, and uses 1 AA battery.

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