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Defensive umbrella - incredibly durable and tough

This is a discussion on Defensive umbrella - incredibly durable and tough within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm impressed, price is high. I bet they are already working to outlaw them in England.......

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Thread: Defensive umbrella - incredibly durable and tough

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    I'm impressed, price is high. I bet they are already working to outlaw them in England....
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    These make excellent concealed weapons because you raise less suspicion carrying an umbrella than you do with a cane. As the videos show (and these made a huge splash when first revealed several years ago), they're almost indestructible. They also used to retail for around $300, so the price has come down quite a bit.

    In my car, I keep the $30 sword umbrella. I'm sufficiently experienced with both sword and staff weapons that I can make good use of either and wouldn't need the higher-end item, unless I had to clear a security checkpoint with it. For the traveling guard or martial artist, it would be a nice option to have.

    The main problem I have with the videos is that they seem to stress the umbrella's use as a club, or baseball bat-type cudgel, whereas the real force in this kind of tool is as a stabbing/thrusting-type implement.
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    I bought one of those umbrellas several years ago when they were "only" $100. I thought the price was pretty steep back then too, but the umbrella itself is excellant. The part I like best is that it's perfectly legal to fly with, and I've done so many times without issue. It's not in any way odd that someone would be traveling with an umbrella in case of unexpected showers at their destination, and nobody has ever given me so much as a second glance.

    It has held up very well, and works great in the rain. I haven't subjected mine to the abuses shown in the promo video, but the small beating it has taken being dragged all over various airports, stuffed into luggage, and dropped numerous times haven't hurt it at all.

    If I ever had to defend myself with it, I have no doubt the umbrella would be an excellant tool. It's secure in the hand, easy and intuitive to point, and has enough weight to it to be very effective in a slashing motion. If not for the price, I would recommend one of these to everybody.
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    Pretty impressive. Maybe that's what Georgi Markov saw the business end of in 1978.
    Is it also water proof?

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    All in all, a nice tool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glocksin View Post
    I hope you are joking.Surely you dont believe that crap.

    Yes, it was said in jest......
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