The Bushnell BACKTRACK Personal GPS Unit.

The Bushnell BACKTRACK Personal GPS Unit.

This is a discussion on The Bushnell BACKTRACK Personal GPS Unit. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The one that I bought recently is the most expensive "5 Point" locations unit but, I am thinking now that the least expensive "3 Location" ...

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Thread: The Bushnell BACKTRACK Personal GPS Unit.

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    The Bushnell BACKTRACK Personal GPS Unit.

    The one that I bought recently is the most expensive "5 Point" locations unit but, I am thinking now that the least expensive "3 Location" one would be just as serviceable and equally as useful.

    I already do use a map and compass decently well but, I bought this as a backup and I'm pretty impressed with it.
    It runs on two AAA Batteries. Initial "Set Up" is a breeze and only took about 5 minutes.
    I had a chance to test it out today (the day was chilly, overcast & cloudy w/ sporadic very light drizzle)

    Oh...just FYI this unit also has an additional Time, Temperature, Altitude, & Global Compass.

    So...How does it work? What does it do?

    Me & Mrs. QK headed out to the cemetery today and parked the the car is where I set the first location.

    Bordering this particular cemetery is a fairly large area of woods & it is pretty much representative of typical Pennsylvania wooded areas.

    At the point where we left the cemetery "proper" & we entered the woods I set my second location. It's a simple push button operation.

    Then we headed in about 3/4 of a mile & I pretended to locate a suitable campsite area and set that as a third location.

    Then my Wife stayed there and I headed off 50 yards in a random direction and then began the back-track to the Wife & the campsite.
    Perfect so far...just simply follow the direction of the arrow.

    Anyway...exiting the woods also went flawlessly and we exited about 7 feet away from where we originally entered and then (the last test) it pointed directly to the vehicle which was visible but, quite far away & was set as the first location.

    Honestly I don't think it's possible to get physically lost if you operate this device correctly...which is very simple to get the hang of. Maximum location distances are 999 miles.

    I think I paid around $60 for this one but, the first generation unit for about $36 (On Ebay) would do just as well for less.
    The global satellite positioning on the (below) unit is supposed to be a bit quicker & more sensitive in operation but, if the less expensive unit is a few seconds slower then I can't see that as being any sort of issue.

    The latest Point 3 & Point 5 generations do seem to be more refined with regard to being simpler to operate & with a better display.

    Though even the original round one will still get you back home.

    So...even if you can just never find your vehicle in the mall parking lot then you really need one of these.

    The very simple "GPS BackTrack" function is a completely different function than the compass function.
    You can use the BackTrack to backtrack without having or reading a map and without ever clicking over to the compass display at all.

    Just follow the direction of pointer to go back exactly opposite the way you headed.

    Get more information here:

    At this point in time I have only just recently aqquired this - two things I am not certain of...Is the unit completely waterproof? - Don't Know.

    And...What is the battery life? Also...Don't Know ~ but, I'm best guessing hundreds of actual use hours on a fresh set of AAA batteries.

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    Glad you like it. I use a Garmin Rhino , but then I do some really off track hiking, geocaching and such. One of the K-9 handlers was trying one and seemed to like it as well.
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    I had a Garmin one before.

    And own one like this below.

    Personal GPS Locator-WelcomeGet's Sporting goods

    Personal GPS locator

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    I've got a Bushnell, the original one and they are nice and work pretty darned good for the money.

    A friend of mine and I went searching for an old Civil War road in the woods one day. I took my Garmin GPS (can't remember the model, but color screen, very nice, etc). I had put the coordinates in earlier and was letting the GPS lead us to the spot we needed.

    As we pushed deeper and deeper in the woods I noticed that the digital pointer would sometimes slowly spin and would never settle down. It became unreliable because the foliage was so thick around us it was knocking out the gps satellite signals. We reversed direction and walked out of the woods the old fashioned way.
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    I have used my Garmin in Africa on safari and in use on the pot hole covered roads there. I don't know what I would have done without it.
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