Go Bag - Evacuation Bag Recommendations

Go Bag - Evacuation Bag Recommendations

This is a discussion on Go Bag - Evacuation Bag Recommendations within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi folks, I'm looking for bag suggestions to carry my gear in. My basic backpack has given up the ghost after 7 years of hard ...

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Thread: Go Bag - Evacuation Bag Recommendations

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    Go Bag - Evacuation Bag Recommendations

    Hi folks, I'm looking for bag suggestions to carry my gear in. My basic backpack has given up the ghost after 7 years of hard use. I would like to find a high quality, tough bag between 1200 - 1800 cubic inches to carry my gear which mostly consists of these items:

    wool hat
    canteens x 2
    fire starter
    2 MRE
    1 pair socks
    spare ammo
    para cord

    The bag is for 24 - 72 hours only. I have a fast and light approach, I'm not into carrying the kitchen sink.

    Your recommendations for a bag?

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    You'll find every list you can imagine in here... http://www.survivalistboards.com/?ut...paign=psclicks
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    I'd add a few heavyweight big garbage bags. And duct tape.

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    garbage bags & duct tape are good advice.

    your list gives me the impression you live and (or) spend most of your time in a very rural environment. if more urban than a national park, i would include:
    * toothbrush
    * spare change of undies
    * sanitizer &/or baby wipes
    * $100 cash/debit card
    * prepaid cell phone
    * flashlight & spare batteries
    * copies of gov. issue IDs
    * six-pack of bottled water (forget the canteens -- you can refill the water bottles)
    * multi tool (gerber, leatherman, etc.)
    * first aid kit
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    The Best Defense had a good episode on bugging out and hwo to prepare for it. I recommend this video as a starting point, then adapt your BUG and plans to fit your lifestyle and area.

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    I think the op is looking for an actual bag, not what to put in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctr View Post
    The bag is for 24 - 72 hours only. I have a fast and light approach, I'm not into carrying the kitchen sink.

    Your recommendations for a bag?
    Our get home bags for the cars are somewhat more gear than this but very similar contents.

    We use Camelbak Alpine Explorer packs - pretty comfortable, and we're used to using hydration bladders, so it's convenient that way. The capacity is 1800 cu in.

    We store'em dry, and have three liters of bottled water with each bag. If we need to use'em, we'll tip the water into the bladder. You might want to add some form of water treatment to your bag - we use Polar Pure.

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    I think the military is using something like these. http://camelbak.com/government-milit...n-packs/trizip
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    While I have a slew of bags that I can use, I find myself always returning to this bag for everything I do.


    I wish I had two more of these so I could keep them loaded down. The main compartment is large enough for everything you said you already carry and the two other pockets make organizing a cinch. The pack has a spot for a hydration bladder and MOLLE system to add pouches for even better organization or more specific application. The radio pouch is excellent for keeping items separated. The two smaller pockets also have velcro and MOLLE to increase your organizational needs (or sometimes add confusion as I get side tracked playing with my options).

    From specs-
    • Includes 100oz. BLACKHAWK!® Hydration System
    • Drink system protected by Microban® antimicrobial technology*
    • Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick disconnect system
    • Twin compartments for extra storage
    • Large compartment has internal pouch for radio packs and 3 antenna ports with flaps
    • Over 100 external S.T.R.I.K.E.® webbing attachment points
    • Anodized D-rings and quick cinch buckles for compatibility with 3-Day accessory pouches
    • Reinforced waist belt with additional attachment points
    • Contoured, padded shoulder straps and sternum strap for comfort
    • Rubber drag handle
    • Metal grommet at bottom of pack for drainage

    100 oz./ 3L
    Cubes: 1900 / 32L
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    I can reommend the LA Police gear 3 Day assault pack for a good value option. http://www.lapolicegear.com/diplomat...backpack1.html

    Spending a little more money, I recommend about anything froM Blackhawk or Maxpedition, The x-1 and x-3 Raptor from Blackhawk is an excellent choice. For overall modularity and ability to be organized go Maxpedition.



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    I have a variety of bags I use for various purposes depending on how long I'm going to be away from home/civilization. For day trips, I like the Camelback M.U.L.E. I carried it on short one-day ops in Iraq and it held up well and fit just enough to keep me sane. I had an older version in coyote and black.

    For longer ops I like the Code Alpha three-day assault pack. It was designed for one of the SEAL teams and has held up remarkably well. The pocket configuration just didn't do it for me, and really it was more bag than I needed. I still take it in the truck for longer trips, though.

    My current bag is a Spec-Ops T.H.E. Pack I got at the PX. http://www.amazon.com/Spec-Ops-Backp...0471763&sr=1-5Probably one of the most common COTS packs in use by military personnel right now, in good competition with the Blackhawk 3-Day Assault Pack http://www.amazon.com/BlackHawk-Assa...0471865&sr=1-1. Either one is an excellent choice. The T.H.E. is darn near bullet proof construction and would probably survive a TEOTWAKI situation as well as anything on the market. It's quite literally the toughest construction I've found on any pack yet, including my issued military packs.

    I also have an Osprey brand daypack in black and gray that I use for urban commutes as it doesn't stand out as "tacticool". Lightweight, durable and all Osprey products come with a lifetime "any time, any place, any reason" warranty.

    Good luck finding what you need. Hope our suggestions have been helpful!
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    Adding to the OP's list: don't forget a lightweight sleeping bag, a tarp, and instead of carrying water bottles, you might consider getting a Katadyn water filter.

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    Thanks guys, the pack recommendations are exactly what I looking for.

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