Fenix Lights

Fenix Lights

This is a discussion on Fenix Lights within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Recently ordered a few dozen Fenix Tactical lights to sell in my store. Wanting to know your opinions on this Brand? The few that I ...

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Thread: Fenix Lights

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    Fenix Lights

    Recently ordered a few dozen Fenix Tactical lights to sell in my store. Wanting to know your opinions on this Brand? The few that I have tested seem great.
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    I have a couple of LD20s that I've been very happy with. I like the fact that it uses ordinary AA size batteries that I can pick up everywhere.

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    I have a Fenix PD30 and I love it. great light and I pretty much carry it in my pocket all the time.

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    I have a PD30, my buddy has one, and I bought one for my dad. Somehow I managed to kill two Rayovac lights before buying my Fenix; the batteries last FOREVER. Literally a year for a set. Love the clicker and how you can adjust to different levels, or leave it at turbo. All three of us have had zero problems with them. I have recommended them to others as well.
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    Great lights....top shelf in my opinion. I love the one I have.

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    On my third - not because any have failed, but because they keep coming out with cooler models! Top notch kit.


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    I've been carrying a PD 30 for a bit over a year. It's been dropped out of a tractor trailer a couple times, dropped on warehouse concrete floors a lot, twice run for 4 hours straight looking for deer, and lots of general use. I love it. Great light. Mine's just on and strobe, none of the bells and whistles. That's fine with me. If anyone complains about the light starting to pulse when it's on, then it's time for new batteries. Mine does not just go dead, it dims and the light starts to pulse or flicker.
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    I originally had a PD20, which I loved, but it was too small for my hands. And then for Christmas I bought three PD30s and gifted one to my sisters fiancé and one to my partner on the box. The only downside to the PD series is the cost of replacement batteries but I love my two Fenix lights....and for the money I don't think there is a better deal out there.
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    PD30 for well over a year now.. Great light and I like how easy it is on the batteries since I use it almost every day.


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    LD20 owner here. Fantastic lights. Quality product.

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    I just got the PD31 yesterday. Wow! Talk about "Bang for Your Buck"! Excellent quality and all the features one could want in an EDC light at a reasonable price. I can't speak for its long term durability yet but, since I have several lights of obviously lesser quality that have lasted me many years I have to believe that it will not be an issue.
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    These lights are small, super bright, and extremely durable.
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    I have two, great lights

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    Fenix lights are good lights and well priced for the performance. I have an E01 (AAA keychain light), PD1 and just got 2 TK15's (wow are they bright-337 lumens and the size of a Surefire G2!) Good luck with the merchandise, it'll sell well!
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    My LD20 is great

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