What makes a gun belt a gun belt?

What makes a gun belt a gun belt?

This is a discussion on What makes a gun belt a gun belt? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What's all the fuss about a gun belt? What makes it different than the leather belt I already wear? What about it makes it so ...

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Thread: What makes a gun belt a gun belt?

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    What makes a gun belt a gun belt?

    What's all the fuss about a gun belt? What makes it different than the leather belt I already wear? What about it makes it so much better at carrying a holstered weapon? I'm interested in the mechanics of how they work and how they are different.


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    I'm sure one of the makers will come along and explain it better.

    But most gunbelts are made with two layers of thick leather, somehow joined together.

    They are designed to hold the weight of a gun, and hold it tight to your body while doing so. Store bought belts just don't tend to be able to hold up to the added weight, since they aren't designed to be load bearing in that way.
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    Some even have internal stiffeners such as kydex. The belty is so stiff and strong, that you can hold the belt out horizontally and it stands firm and doesnt drop.
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    They are designed to be more stiff, and they can even be designed to match a specific holster (e.g. use a specific makers belt with his holsters). The quality of the leather used makes a huge difference, as well as from which part of the cow or horse the blank is cut.
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    What makes a gun belt a gun belt?
    Why, a "Gun" of course.
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    double layers of thick leather. At least, that's what makes mine work.
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    Try this with your current belt. Put it through your belt loops and put your holstered gun and spare mag holder on it. Hold the belt near the front belt loops. With my A&G belt, I can pull my pants up this way and the belt feels like a steel barrel hoop bringing my pants, gun and mags up evenly. You won't believe it til you try it.
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    My take: leather streches. By laminating two layers of leather together the right way, you can make it stiffer and less likely to strech. Less strech equals less holster sag. You can also use something else as a stiiffener like kydex.

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    Think of it this way. Try hanging a bucket of water off a thin rope that's been tied to something at both ends. It sags at the point where you apply the weight, correct? Now try it with a thick steel cable or even a solid piece of wood or metal. Very little sag, right? And it keeps the overall lines more straight.

    A gunbelt is thicker and stiffer so that it distributes the weight of the gun around your waist, and not just at that one point. When it "pulls down" that one point, you get that feeling of where your holster is always falling down... like a little dog grabbed onto your waistband and won't let go. As you can imagine, the top of the gun tends to sort of flop outwards as well. It also creates weird load/pressure situations on your waist and back, resulting in discomfort.

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    Stiffer and thicker than regular belts.
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    Let's see if I can shed some light on this. (Keep in mind it's 7:30 pm on a Friday night & I'm on my second glass of wine before dinner).

    What makes a "Gun Belt".

    Many things:
    From the leather used, to the weight of the leather, to the grain of the leather and how it is positioned, is it glued, what type of thread is used, is it one strap or two, what type and weight of thread is used to marry (if two straps) the two straps together, and the buckle (strong with substance), the holes positioned to best suit the customer and his body, some require 5 holes @ 1" & others feel more comfortable with 7 holes @ 3/4' apart .

    This should be the makeup. And has nothing to do with the cosmetics of the belt.

    The cosmetics consists of dye used, thread, sealer coat, burnishing of the edges, final coat (shinny or matt finish) and the quality of the finished product and how much time is devoted in the craftsmanship of the belt.

    It should be rigid, to a degree, and provide a platform that distributes the weight of your firearm so that you don't have to cinch your belt so tight that it is uncomfortable and still hold your firearm in tight to your body.

    With the proper "gun belt" you can carry comfortable all day without issues.

    You will spend more for a true "gun belt" as described above but the difference is unequaled to common belts and will last for years.

    Many think the belt is more important than the holster. (But then we only make gun belts not holsters).

    There are may fine craftsmen, out there, who can make a true "gun belt" but if you carry a firearm - get with one of these guys and get yourself a "gun belt" - you won't be sorry.

    Good luck and I hope I've made the "gun belt" question, just a little more clearer.

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    Here's a good resource of info re: gun belts:
    Gun Belts Home

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