Brass Stackers

Brass Stackers

This is a discussion on Brass Stackers within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Was looking at the following on - Product Detail - Brass Stacker Glock Small Black - $39.95 Looks like a great way to ...

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Thread: Brass Stackers

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    Brass Stackers

    Was looking at the following on - Product Detail - Brass Stacker Glock Small Black - $39.95

    Looks like a great way to load lots of magazines. The weather here in Illinois is starting to break and that means range time. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these and could tell me if they are worth the $40.

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    OMO, but the UpLula seems easier to use...
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    I love ingenuity, but this looks like a lot of places for things to go it seems very magazine-specific. I watched a 4 minute video demonstration (unfortunately couldn't have sound on) and never really saw how it works. The UPLULA demo was about 20 seconds, and I saw and understood how it works, and is simple enough that plastic is sufficient for it works on my .45s, 9mms, and even .380 when carefully used (haven't gotten a baby UPLULA yet).

    If they work well though, and make things as fast or faster than the UPLULA, I can really see some good potential for them in high-round-count competitions or training.

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    I bet it cost more than the UPLULA and it isn't as universal. Plus it looks like it takes up more room in your range bag.
    I don't have a UPLULA yet, but I plan on getting one.

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    This link shows how it works pretty well: YouTube - Brass Stacker.avi
    It's interesting, but as others have said, the UPlula is more universal, and around $10 less, even more when you consider how many Brass Stackers you might end up needing to buy.
    Still, it does look nice and well constructed, and is USA made. If they could make it more flexible in regards to magazine compatibility, it could be a viable alternative.
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