I had been looking for a tactical flashlight that was powered by AA batteries. I'm trying to consolidate as much of my battery powered devices to AA batteries as I can.

I saw the Streamlight PT2AA - it was an LED light; it was powered by two AA batteries; had two intensity levels; a strobe mode; and the run time was 2.5 times longer than most of my CR123 powered lights. The mode control is quite easy to learn and the tail switch has both a momentary and push on/push off mode. Very slim for the pocket and pretty bright compared to my other LED lights.

So I'm set or so I thought. When I got it home and started using it I found to problems. One, the body was completely smooth and was difficult to hold securely while pressing down on the tail switch which was problem number two.

The tail cap switch was so recessed, as I find most Streamlight tail caps switches to be, that it was difficult to operate, especially with one hand. So after some consideration, I decided to fix the tail cap switch problem. I stuck the tail cap in my lathe and cut the sides of the recess down to this. I wish I had taken a before pic but I didn't. You can see some pics of the PT2AA on the web though.

As you can see the tail switch is much more accessible more like a SureFire tail switch.

The next mod was to address the slick, smooth body. It is difficult to hold, especially with one hand, especially again if your hand is wet, and operate the tail switch. Well this mod didn't turn out quite as well, very functional, just didn't get the asthetics right.

I put the flashlight body in my lathe and set up the knurling tool. I knew I couldn't and didn't want to put deep or aggressive knurling because they would wear at my pocket. I had the knurling tool set slightly at the wrong angle when I cut the the band near the head. The next two are better and look a little better 'in person' than the pic suggests.

So how does it work? Remarkably better. The tail switch is much more accessible and easier to operate. The light knurling, though I'm a little disappointed in the asthetics, makes it much easier to hold and operate the tail switch with one hand. The mods make a big difference!

If I buy another one of these lights ($36, IIRC from Botack), I'll get the knurling right!