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Fat guys and belts

This is a discussion on Fat guys and belts within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a pair of Perry Outback, they work quite well for my dunlap. I have not gotten them, but Duluth Trading Post has suspenders ...

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Thread: Fat guys and belts

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    I have a pair of Perry Outback, they work quite well for my dunlap. I have not gotten them, but Duluth Trading Post has suspenders with loops and matching buttons which you nail into waist belt of pants. they look as though they would work well. you would need one pair of suspenders, and button sets for each pair of pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    All the suspenders i tried use thin 14 guage sheet metal for the clip, and once it bends a few times it won't hold reliably. Not strong enough to support a .45 either.
    The Perry suspenders should solve you problem since the do not use the normal clips. The use and easy on/off hook that attaches to the belt supporting the belt from the bottom. Since the hooks are easily detached and reattached to the belt, you can change your pants without having to remove your sweater.
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    Good info and thanks for the links. Another slightly overweight 50+ year old (that's my desciption) that's headed to Wally's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biomortis View Post
    For daily life, I never have to tuck in my shirt. Therefore, I wear my suspenders UNDER my shirt. Go to Jo-Ann's or the fabric section of Wal-Mart and get a pack of no sew dungaree buttons for every pair of pants/shorts you want to wear suspenders with. Get yourself button suspenders and then install your buttons on the inside of your waistband in the appropriate places. This especially works well for shorts and a t-shirt and you don't look like a dork.....well not any more like a dork than you do already :) I still wear a belt for my Crossbreed Supertuck but I don't have to keep it super tight or anything. This will also work if you go the Perry suspenders route as well.
    If you are going to wear the suspenders under your outer shirt, Perry's are THE way to go. You don't have to remove your shirt to use the toilet - just unclip the suspenders from your belt and away you go. Reconnecting when done is easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottieG59 View Post
    The weight just sneaks up on us. It is especially bad for those of us who were super stud soldiers and invincible. Wear and tear along with injuries will have its toll over time.

    It feeds on itself. You gain wait due to an injury sidelining you and the weight makes the injury worse and creates new ones. For me, it was herniated disks and eventual back surgery. Now, my knees, ankles, hips and back are a mess.

    I have gone through a couple cycles of getting oversized pants for my IWB holster, only to expand to fill the space.

    My physical therapist down not want me to run, but that is all that worked in the past. I am considering getting back into running anyway.

    Right now, if I pick something up from the floor, getting up reminds me of carrying a full combat load and heavily packed large rucksack. I am about 55 lbs overweight. At the grocery store, I sometimes lift one of those 5 lb bag of potatoes. I could not carry 11 of those sale bags for long, but I carry that amount of excess fat everywhere I go.

    I am done with adjusting my clothes.
    I hear you, I used to run 5-7 miles per day. Then I broke my back (2 crushed vertebrae but no surgery) 3 years of rehab due to bad Doc. Now 20 years later I am pretty much pain free but too large to run and walking will not cut it. Plus my knees are going from the pounding of my youth. I have decided an elliptical is the best way to get the workout without the pounding. 2 months now and 15 pounds lost and I only get to the gym 3 days per week.

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