This doesn't really fit into defensive knives so I dumped it here. Anyway, I found need for a new multi-tool and after searching back and forth I settled on the Gerber Diesel in black.

I like it so far, but I have one complaint. The black coating...HOLY BAT-TOOLS batman! That black coating stuff comes off on your hands. The first time out of the packaging my hand was black.

The solution that seems to have worked... VERY liberal/complete coating of CLP and a cotton rag. Seems to have stopped transfering black **** to my hands. After cleaning it still seems to have retained it's black coloring though so I suppose that's good.
Just an FYI...

edit:...Hrm... I don't know why it censored me... I didn't curse...'s another slang word for a vietnamese person during a certain era...Oops.