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Which Light for Everyday Carry?

This is a discussion on Which Light for Everyday Carry? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a Surefire E2D (Defender) with the stike bezel. My logic is that it also serves as a backup weapon with the bezel. The ...

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Thread: Which Light for Everyday Carry?

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    I carry a Surefire E2D (Defender) with the stike bezel. My logic is that it also serves as a backup weapon with the bezel.

    The only gripe I have about it is the short battery life. Other than that, it is a great light and it has helped me avoid some bad situations.

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    You didn't mention a price range or any particular preferences.

    I either own or support a number of the suggestions here. For cheap, a Brinkman Maxfire LX, moving up, a Surefire G2, Surefire E1e, E2d or the LED eqivalent of these. I lust for a Surefire U2 Ultra as well as an HDS EDC Ultimate.

    I just received a Fenix LOP in the mail today... an impressive amount of light from this tiny, carry anywhere AAA light, and an unbelieveably smooth white beam too. It has a nice hot spot with smooth spill, much like my E1e.

    I prefer an LED over a standard bulb these days. I prefer one battery over two, if I can get the lumens that I need from just one. I would opt for two levels of light if given a choice and I would like to have a red LED for certain situations. I like clicky tail switches with momentary operation and a positive lockout to avoid inadvertant operation. If its aluminum, it must be Hared Anodized III, but I have no aversion to a tough polymer (like the G2). It's a big plus if it's made in America. Just dreamin'...

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    SureFire G2 Nitrolon. Sometimes a Streamlight Scorpion. Gave my daughter a Pentagon Light...the one most similar to the SureFire 6P.
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    Another vote for the SureFire G-2!
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    I find the Surefire E2e works fine and cost $72 at a local gun shop.

    I live in the forest with a pack of coyotes in the area. They will gang up on a dog. When my dog goes out at night to do his business I many times will go out also and scan the woods with the E2e. Any wildlife in the area are easily seen since their eyes light up like headlights when hit with the beam.

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    Surefire G2.....sometimes a Streamlight Scorpion..and I keep a 4 -D cell Maglite in the Jeep..
    Brad B.

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    How much money are willing to spend? :D

    My EDC light is an HDS EDC U60. It was $170 for the light, 24 batteries, and a pelican case. (package deal) It is 60 lumens and unlike most companies claims, when HDS says what lumes the light is, then it is actually that many lumens. It is an awesome light that has been utterly reliable. Besides being blindingly bright. :)

    I carry a back up light as well. As of late it has been my Amilite Neo T3. Very bright, very small, and very very reliable. It has a twistie head which (IMHO) is much more reliable than a clickie. ($82 shipped at the time I bought it)

    Fenix makes a nice small set of lights. I have the Fenix L1T (replaced my lost L1P) and a Fenix P1. Both are bright, both are small. Both are about $50. :)

    If you strapped for cash or don't want to order a light then I would say, Dorcy Super 1Watt (1x123). For less than $20 you get a really decent little light that will fit in the pocket well. Its about as bright as my L1P was and is actually regulated.

    Here is an image that shows the lights next to each other for size comparison.

    The pics could be better, (I was in a hurry).


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