Which Light for Everyday Carry?

Which Light for Everyday Carry?

This is a discussion on Which Light for Everyday Carry? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Some threads on this (great!) board have got me convinced that I probably should carry a small, powerful flashlight with me, same as I am ...

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Thread: Which Light for Everyday Carry?

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    Which Light for Everyday Carry?

    Some threads on this (great!) board have got me convinced that I probably should carry a small, powerful flashlight with me, same as I am almost always with a weapon.

    Any suggestions as to brand, types, etc., are welcome!

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    I have yet to spend mucho dinero on a high powered flashlight, but I got an Inova X5 for about $30. It's not as powerful as the Surefires, but it's cheap, light, crush proof, and gets amazing battery life.

    Someday I'll probably get something stronger, but it's a decent little light that won't fail you or suffer a broken/burned out bulb since it's a 5-LED.
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    I carry a Surefire G2 with the optional P61 high output head. Powerful little bugger and a flash in the eyes at night will wreak havoc on night vision. Also waterproof to 30' but without my dive gear I'm probably not!
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    So much I think is down to what an individual feels he/she needs. ''Need'' then being real hard IMO to define.

    I bought a lil E1e Surefire from a guy on the boards two or three years ago and because its cost was well below book - felt it worth the expense. I was not disappointed.

    I did shell out over $50 later to get the LED head and love that - almost same lumens but great battery life and must less pronounced ''fall-off'' at end of life.

    I do check my battery periodically and find that even well below 3V I still get adequate performance. One simple test i have done is flash it briefy across someone's eyes - and even at some distance there is an ''ouch'' and hand goes up - even this small light dazzles a lot. Much of that IMO is down to the excellent light head optics.

    I know lots of lumens are appealing and some of Black Bear's stuff is amazing but for my needs, the E1e is great.

    I do also have other lights and the MiniMag conversion with the ''Brightize'' head is very good for an inexpensive light. In fact I have flashlights dotted around all over but the E1e is all I need to carry.
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    I carry a surefire G2.A lot of light from a small package.

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    I like have the LED E1 from Surefire that will be perfect for carry. I also have an A2 Aviator that is a great light, but too big for carry except in winter when I could throw it in a coat pocket.

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    I like surefires if you got the money to spend on one. If not try to find something with led light. They're real bright and they get great battery life.

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    I have two with me most of the time, a little key chain light that supplanted the ARC AAA, it is a Fenix LOP and work with one AAA battery.
    The second one in my pants pockets or sometimes in the holster is a Fenix L1P that works with one AA battery. This light suplanted my other EDC that was a Nuwaii Q III and worked on one 123 battery.

    My EDC's of the last few years, the present one is the Fenix L1P

    I don't do it to often now, (I am retired) but when I take a pistol out of the house the companion flashlight is a Surefire Centurion C-3 with the HOLA lamp, the P-91 (200 lumens for 20 minutes)

    Here it is next to the Streamlight TL-3, both with the Tiger Rings (or Gabe Suarez rings) these rings are home made of rubber rings or hair tie, if you haven't exchange the lanyards for those rings, you will after you have tried them.

    And for real blinding lumens I have in my house and in the cars the MAG 951 II for 1050 lumens (residing in the floor under the seat) and in the glove compartment the shorter 10" Black Bear 678 light (720 lumens)
    And in the house they are alway next to my Colt Gov't .45 with Laser grips.

    All the lights that I have in use (except for the Surefire Centurion III) work on Nimhs AA rechargeables, or in the case of the Fenix LOP in AAA rechargeables.

    I haven't spend a dime in alkalines in two years, everything that I have (two way radios, GPS, Laser Rangefinder, camera, remotes etc) works with the Nimhs rechargeables, even the MAG 951 and 678 lights.
    It is a good feeling of "no guilt" on spending money in alkalines and have the fringe benefits of not polluting another landfill with them.

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    I have used a number of handheld lights and my preference for CCW is Surefire's E2e. It retired my 6P after I used the 6P for more than a decade.

    It is smaller than the G2 or 6P but nearly as bright (60 Lumens v. 65 lumens). The smaller diameter of the body has the added advantage of making it easier to use with certain hand-held flashlight techniques (i.e. the Rogers).The integrated clip that makes easy to carry clipped to a pocket.

    I highly recommend the E2e.

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    I have one of those Freedom Micro LED keychain lights (the one with the scatter shield and various modes of operation). It's all the light I need. A Surefire would be nice, but I ALWAYS have this one as long as I have my keys. I wouldn't always have a regular light.


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    Quote Originally Posted by P95Carry
    One simple test i have done is flash it briefy across someone's eyes - and even at some distance there is an ''ouch'' and hand goes up - even this small light dazzles a lot. Much of that IMO is down to the excellent light head optics.
    One of the servers at a restaurant I frequent asked me about my Z2 one day, and I "demonstrated" it to him. To this day, he'll physically flinch if I call his name and drop my hand to the flashlight...

    I check the Z2 on myself every so often. It's definately effective right through to the far ends of the battery life. You can tell when it's about to blow.

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    Making ammo.
    I have a Brinkman Maxfire from Walmart for $20. Does the job for me and is plenty durable.
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    I have the surefire G2 which, at 65 lumens, is quite bright. It does concern me a bit that the bulb might fail on me when I need it the most. This piece is now a part of the nightstand furniture.

    What I choose to carry with me in my go bag is a Fenix L2T... which allows you to choose between 55 or 10 lumens, depending on your need at the time. It is an LED, so the bulb thing don't scare me. It is plenty bright.. and uses 2AA batteries. A big plus!
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    i like the minimags, if I lose them, not too pricey to replace....
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    Lights are important. I carry at least two.

    I have a Photon II on my car keys. I have a no-name LED squeeze light from Countycomm on my house keys.

    I carry a Surefire e2e in my left front pocket. I used to carry an e1e, but I gave that to my wife when I found the e2e at a really good price.

    When I was still in the Army, I carried a G2 with the 120 lumen bulb on my web gear.

    A Mini-Maglite AA with an LED head is a good choice at a low price. Makes a good koppo, too.

    SIDE NOTE: A few months back, my wife and I went to a special early showing of a movie. Unfortunately, management didn't tell the employees to open the theater early. When a couple of employees showed up, a classic Charlie Foxtrot ensued. They ushered the crowd (300 or so) to an auditorium and opened the door, but they failed to turn on the lights. My wife and I pulled out our Surefires and helped everyone find seats. Given the unruliness of the crowd, we may have prevented a stampede.

    YMMV one hell of a lot.


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