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small EDC light advice ?

This is a discussion on small EDC light advice ? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Another vote for the Surefire E2D Defender. Drawbacks-expensive Plusses Built like a tank 200 lumens with low setting Made in the USA They are pricey ...

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Thread: small EDC light advice ?

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    Another vote for the Surefire E2D Defender.



    Built like a tank
    200 lumens with low setting
    Made in the USA

    They are pricey but I try to buy American when I can.

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    ^ I got the E2D when it first came out - I'm still using it (I've gone through two of the higher-output bulbs in that time span: for those who are worried about the durability of the incandescent element you can do the math ).

    If I had that choice today, I'd go with the LED version, outright, but I've seen some pretty darned good deals on the incandescents on "closeout" buys.


    Quote Originally Posted by Pistology View Post
    Some guided low-light shooting with flashlight techniques this weekend taught me some things:
    1) low light is a huge challenge to 120 lumens. A lumen strength of 180 is probably not enough either as 200 lumens is barely adequate for wide sweeping / target illumination; and
    Whoa - what were your search/engagement distances?

    I actually found the light from my Surefire Z2-S LED to have provided overwhelming backscatter at indoor ranges (we had a shoot-house with white-tarp "walls" - that it was drenching wet during our initial run through the house [torrential rain that evening and night] further didn't help the matter.

    At up to 10 yards, I was actually quite happy with the light-on-target and the throw/pattern.

    2) for self-defense, that max output must be available on the first gross motor skill movement
    ^ Agreed 100%.

    After fooling with the Gladius so many years back, when I decided to update/upgrade this past spring, the first thing I looked at was the actuation/sequencing of the light output, and that was how I arrived at the Z2-S LED.

    3) A lanyard enables working with weapon reloading / malfunction clearance while keeping the light, literally, close at hand.
    Diamond-pattern stippling on the metal case to makes it manageable with blood or other slippery conditions on it, and get a light with a bezel with self-defense "teeth".
    The bezel crenelations I'm not so worried about - it's going to be painful to be smashed by one of these lights, no matter what. But the up-side of having such offset bezels is that if you accidentally left the light on, but set it down on its head, you can easily see that it's still on: which is very useful in terms of utility purposes.

    Aggressive case stippling as well as other traction aids (i.e. grip-rings) are a must. I substituted-in one of my small "EDC"-type Fenix lights that night, and with there being as much rain as there was, it was very, very difficult to use - both the size as well as its smooth body made it almost a no-go. The only thing that's difficult with grip rings - as well as aggressive case checkering/stippling - is that it may make it difficult for "normal dress" people to put on-body, and may also tear up clothing, particularly when worn over time. My right side jeans pocket always gets chewed-up by my pocket-knife, and my left side usually wears through from my light.

    A lanyard, for me, is a personal-preference issue. Depending on how the light is configured and/or carried, I think that for EDC, it can again present an issue for some (i.e. snags, etc.) - but certainly, if one's willing to make some compromises there, versus comfort/carry, it does have tremendous tactical utility.

    The suspiciously low priced Nebo 5557 Redline Adjustable Beam 220 Lumen lacks an ultra-low output (below a room-illuminating 22 lumens).
    ^ Was that the light you used?

    I'm far from convinced that any kind of advertised light output scale should be used as a reference standard, when comparing lights. Not only are such standards not taken very seriously and often exaggerated by many of the lesser makes in the industry, it also betrays one other very important consideration in the light's physics: how the optics can influence the overall capabilities of the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasbo00 View Post
    Take a look at the tactical lights here:

    4Sevens - 4Sevens.Com

    This outfit knows lights and you won't have to pay SureFire prices. I like the Quark series.

    Quark Tactical - 4Sevens.Com
    I second this recommendation. It's the same company (4sevens) that sells the Fenix lights, but the Quark line has more tactical features than the Fenix (2 memory settings, harder lens coatings, etc.) for about the same price & with similar brightness.

    I have the Quark 123 Tactical (no clip) R5 & at $59, it was just what I was looking for. It's very bright, very compact, comes with a lanyard, a belt holster, finger grip, spare o-rings, & plenty of features...but alas, it is not made in America (assembled in China from American & Chinese components). Both of these are brighter & about $20 more than the Streamlight that you referred to.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
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    Check out fenix flash lights. Specifically, the PD20 or PD31! I also have lights by surefire and streamlight... The fenix units will blow them away! There is no comparison in light output & features for the price. They are amazingly powerful for their compact size. The PD31 puts out 304+ lumens and it was $69 shipped!

    The PD20 is the perfect combo of power and size. Running on only 1 cr123a, it is SUPER bright! Robust, reliable, and it's very compact.

    I highly recommend fenix lights.

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    Fenix LD10 and 4sevens quark 123.

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    The fenix lined is good. I carry a pd20
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    Quote Originally Posted by dam294 View Post
    I really like the Fenix line of lights. I have several though I don't have a PD20. When I considered my EDC light one of my considerations was what type of batteries it used. I wanted something that ran off of batteries I could find anywhere. So I went with the Fenix LD10 which is a single AA light. I run it on rechargeable AA's which save me even more $$$ on batteries. Good luck with your search.
    same here I have the Fenix LD10 I love that light it what I have to carry for conceal carry.

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    Target is currently carrying a Nuwai AA Cree light rebranded under the Energizer name. Picked one up for $20....puts out about 200 lumens and has a twist to lock clickie tail cap. I own about five of these in Luxeon 3 watt, and they are built like tanks.....the current Cree model is a smokin' deal for the bucks. Perfect EDC light that you don't have to worry about getting beat up, and if you lose it, go to Target and get another. No pain.
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