***EDIT*** Just to be clear I EDC a FNP 9***

Ok guys so I have been look extensively for a new OWB Right handed holster. Today @ Wholesale Sports in Lacey,WA, I found the perfect holster. It is the Black HAwk, CQC Black Leather Holster Size #08 size for the Springfield XD/SpringField XD Compact. It has an adjustable back leather thumb-break and both belt loops on the holsters have VERY STURDY snaps for easy on and off your belt if you don't have a CCW and need to place it in your glovebox/trunk safe or whatever. I wore it all day today and hardly noticed it was there. Granted I have only had it one day so time will tell but I felt I needed to pass this along, as I know finding good OWB leather holsters for the FNP9/ FNX-9 are hard to come by.

On a different note as well I also got a Filson Leather reinforced double stitched gunbelt (size 34) which is also Awesome. I got mine on sale @ 50$ from 70$ Wholesale SPorting in Lacey,WA is dope.