Rust On My

Rust On My

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Thread: Rust On My

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    Rust On My

    Kel Tec .380

    Its pretty much my EDC.

    I have had it for about 2 years been a great gun about 900 rounds flawless so far.

    Heres my deal when working I never had a problem in poket uniform pants clean / oil every other week no rust.

    Well the last month being thrown out of work

    I have been rideing my 3 wheel trike alot in shorts and .380 goes for ride allways.

    This week I saw rust on rail its like holy cow

    The only think I can think of its got to be me sweating .

    I did a real good clean today and used soft brass brush to get the rust off .

    What do you guys use its like this came on like over night I have allways kept it very clean and oiled I thought

    I have used that super slick stuff lube from dick sports .

    Take it easy on me on super high price stuff being I am job less

    Hopefuly not for long it really blows as a lot of folks know.

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    Use a small foam brush, brush on a heavy (but not dripping) coat, let it sit overnight, wipe down good and go. This has worked for years on guns that are subject to high moisture and sweat. Repeat every week or two.

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    Move to Alaska,you won't sweat as much
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Move to Alaska,you won't sweat as much
    Or Ecuador. You'll sweat all the time, the gun will stay soaked and never have a chance to oxidize.

    Kidding. CLP sounds like a good plan to me.
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    A RIG saturated rag and a quick wipe at day's end banishes rust. I have a P3AT that is getting wear patterns from the past 5 years use and carrying. Hasn't rusted yet though.
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    Try Ballistol.
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    Eezox. Great stuff. I use it on my pistols and tools. NO MORE RUST


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    WD-40 to lift off the moisture then wipe down with a light coat of CLP.
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    The trick to keeping your EDC gun from getting rust is each night, take it out of its holster, wipe it down thoroughly with a clean cotton cloth and then give it a light coat of fresh oil such as Hoppes. If your gun has removable grips, it is important to remove those grips at least once per week to clean and oil the frame under the grips. I have a silicon impregnated cloth I use to wipe my EDC gun down. Let the leather holster dry by itself overnight.

    If you don't shoot your gun frequently, don't forget to run a patch of oil down the bore every couple of days. If you sweat, it will get in there also. Actually, if you sweat a lot, it would probably be a good idea to field strip your gun every couple of days and coat the inside of the gun with a small amount of oil. It may seem like a lot of work but it does keep the rust off of your firearm.
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    The KelTec .380 is reportedly prone to show some surface barrel/slide rust.
    Folks on the Internet have even reported light barrel bore rusting up near the muzzle following periods of extended pocket carry.
    I don't know why they don't put a better "factory coat" of anything better than the cheapo whateveritis they are using on them now.

    I use WeaponShield & so I have never experienced a rusting issue.
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    Stainless steel.
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