Any Rapid Light System (RLS) users?

Any Rapid Light System (RLS) users?

This is a discussion on Any Rapid Light System (RLS) users? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Any one using this? Rapid Light System | Duty Gear Accessories - SAFARILAND™ Pros / Cons? Thinking about getting one to play with....

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Thread: Any Rapid Light System (RLS) users?

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    Any Rapid Light System (RLS) users?

    Any one using this?

    Rapid Light System | Duty Gear Accessories - SAFARILAND™

    Pros / Cons? Thinking about getting one to play with.

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    A fellow class-goer at a local low-light class had that on his belt. Seemed to me to have worked well enough, from 3 yards to 10 yards. The walls of our tarp shoot-house seemed to be as well it by his light as it was any of the other students (various Streamlights and Surefires).

    He never mounted it on-gun, though, because we were coming out of our holsters, and he did not have a light-enabled holster as his concealed-carry setup.

    Had that night not have been so horribly stormy (I was soaked to my underwear! ), I might have remembered to ask him to loan it to me for a couple of rounds. I really like it that it can mount so handily to the pistol, but I have no idea how well it handles.

    Sorry I can't be of more help!

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    Seems a bit bulky, my SureFire x300 does the same thing and is a bit more streamlined.
    I can still keep my regular SureFire in my hand to use separately WITH my firearm.
    I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just a bit bulky.OMO
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    Hey, JD.....I have a pretty slick rig that I use with my Beretta PX 4. It is fitted with a railmount laser (Unimax Lasermax from Underneath that, on it's rail, I have a Mako quick release light mount (3/4" interior diameter).
    Then locked into the q. release, I use a Browning Alpha (Hunter) light. It's either 70 or 90 lumens....can't remember offhand. The total length of the light is 4". It uses one
    AA battery,has the momentary or constant on tailcap......and......laser with tact light all stays in position in my verticle shoulder rig!

    I can instantly release the light for hand carry with my Smith .44 mag revolver (329 PD) or strap it (quick release and all) to the off-side of the Smith's shoulder rig....

    Cost???......The Mako light holder @ $35.00.....The Browning Light @ $ weight with laser and all=@ 4 1/2 oz.
    All that was necessary for the holster to contain it all (without any loss in quick/smooth draw) was to remove 10 or 12 stitches from the underrarrel portion of my holster. The light portion itself sits outside the actual holster enclosure, but since it mounts tucked so close under the's a perfect setup!!

    By the way, activating the light is just as easy since it's tailcap switch sits @3/8" below the trigger guard and almost in line with the the guard front. Just a press of your thumb from your supporting hand...lights on....just a flick of your natural "finger out of trigger guard" position with your shooting hand and laser is also on.....

    Sorry to ramble on.......but, just an option that keeps it all....ready to roll....


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