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Thread: carry flashlights

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    Streamlight Strion here. Love it!!

    -Be Safe-

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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    The Streamlight Stylus is a handy light, but doesn't have a lot of output. I really like my Steamlight PT1L, I bought mine about a year ago and I can honestly say I've maybe gone 7 days without in that year.
    I am going to have to get one of these Streamlights. It looks to be the ride size, output, and price.

    I do own a fenix. I think the LD20 or PD20. I like it but would like to get something that isn't made in China next time.
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    ^ Go check out Atwell Police and Fire in Painesville. They've got a good selection of Streamlight and Pellican products on-display for customers to try out.

    For all the time I've been in NE-Ohio, I'm ashamed to say that I've never tried out Brightguy. That's another one to go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSiWRX View Post
    You're asking the wrong questions.

    What you should be asking yourself are:

    What your intended use of the light is to be.

    How much you're willing to spend.

    Does battery type matter.

    How big do you want it to be (i.e. Are you in a suit all day, or do you have a "Bat-Belt" of some kind, for work?).

    There's a log of really, really good lights out there, but without a defined set of criteria, it's virtually impossible for anyone to make an accurate recommendation.

    i work on a farm breeding dogs my edc consists of a glock 19 gen 4 a utility knife a sog trident tanto blade a wallet a extra mag i would like a light for mainly utility use but still has some lumens

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    2,610 is having a pretty good sale on their Quark and Maelstrom lights right now.

    I just picked up the Fenix PD32 from and I like it very much.

    Another recent purchace was the JETBeam PA10 and the TerraLUX TLF-802AAA also from Battery Junction.

    All of these have pros and cons, but all are great lights for the money.

    There is a very good review of the JETBeam PC10(cr123 version of the PA10) by another forum member HERE
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    Quote Originally Posted by glock42 View Post
    i work on a farm breeding dogs my edc consists of a glock 19 gen 4 a utility knife a sog trident tanto blade a wallet a extra mag i would like a light for mainly utility use but still has some lumens
    OK, now we're cookin' with gas.

    Let's go into a bit more detail.

    You said you want it to have "some lumens." Well, here's a problem - do you want that really focused, so that it throws really far? or do you want that light to cover a bit more area?

    Beamshot lights with multiple CR123 or AA batteries, October 2010

    ^ Look at how the Dereelight Aspheric Q5 shines a single spot on the tree far downrange, but provide virtually no side-spill. compare that to the SureFire E2DL (E2D-LED), which is something that's more "known" in our community, something that uses the same KX2C LED head that's seen on the Scout and LM weaponlights. Look at how the SureFire's beam still reaches out there, but isn't near as concentrated, giving more usable light in the foreground.

    Remember, I'm not suggesting that you should choose either of those lights (or anything else on that review page, for that matter ), rather, I'm having you look at what your needs are, in terms of how your light manages the light that comes out of it.

    Think of it this way.

    A naked 60-watt household bulb, hanging in your porch. A nice light so that you can do just about anything on your porch, right? But how far does that light shine into the darkness of the back-yard? Can you even make out a little critter at the tree-line?

    Compare that to the average, well, let's say D-cell MagLite. Doesn't do much of a good job helping you grill or read a book out on the porch, right? but it sure can reach that far tree-line, no?

    Same idea here.

    "Having lumens" can mean a lot of different things - what's more important is how the light manages the light that's coming out of it.

    With that question out of the way, the next one that's very important is battery type.

    Are you the type of guy who will diligently remember to recharge your batteries? If so, then an initial investment of some fifty or so dollars in a good charger and some good rechargeable batteries can save you a lot in the long-run, and also, depending on the type of battery/ies chosen, even give your flashlight a further output boost.

    Or are you the type who only infrequently uses the light - but want it to definitely be there when you need it? If that's the case, then CR123 primary cells are, despite their expense, still hard to beat. But can you readily buy replacements, at a decent price, where you are, locally? Or would you prefer the convenience of AA or even AAA cells?

    Finally, you'll want to set a budget. Flashlights, just like any other big-boy/big-girl toy, can get really expensive, really fast. What's reasonable expense for one person may be outrageous for another.

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    +1 on Fenix. I have an E21 (2xAA size) that is amazing. It is easily bright enough to blind someone at night which is why I keep it with my gun. It is slightly heavy to carry everyday but they have smaller versions.

    Love the Fenix E21 so much I am giving them as xmas presents to friends and loved ones :D

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    I carry a Terralux TLF-3C2AAEX (see link). Terralux TLF-3C2AAEX Dual Mode LED Flashlight 220/100 Lumens: Camping

    Here's my thoughts on it:

    • It's slim design allows me to stick it in my front pocket without too much bulk.
    • It's BRIGHT. 220 lumens on high, 100 lumens on low.
    • Made of sturdy lightweight aircraft aluminum.
    • Fairly inexpensive @ $32.92
    • Uses 2 standard AA batteries

    Overall, I'm very pleased with it. Some people like their flashlight to have an aggressively beveled face to use as a striking tool, but with two guns and two knives on me at most times, I can't see ever needing to hit someone with my light.

    And, if you are looking for the BEST flashlight out there that will be a Surefire hands down... just get ready to drop some $$$ if you go that route.

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    Drowns out every Streamlight or other tactical light. People can't believe how bright it is. very pricey tho
    NRA - Line of Duty Member

    SIG P220ST

    Next purchase an AR-15 hopefully

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    I am satisfied with my Streamlight PT-2L. If something happens to this one I will most surely buy another.

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    For me, its a Fenix LD20. I need a powerful flashlight with multiple lumen output.

    I use it daily for work and off duty it rides in a dual magazine carrier with a spare pistol magazine. Or it rides in my back pocket just fine.

    I got the LD20 because I'm wanting to get away from CR 123 camera batteries and go with something in a "AA" platform. I've been extremely happy with Fenix and have since gotten the MC10 (single AA) I use in my BOB and the Fenix TK-41 (8 AA and 800 lumens) I also use at work, in my truck and around the house.
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    I exclusively use Surefire lights as carry flashlights. For the majority of the time I like using my E1B Backup. It easily clips onto a pocket, has both high and low output levels, and only uses 1 CR123 battery. Sometimes instead I'll carry my E2DL Defender. While its a bit bigger then the E1B, it provides double the output and also has a crenellated strike bezel.

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    I would say the Stylus would be a great choice for utility but not for longer distances. I have a Coleman 90 Lumen LED model that operates on 2 CR2 camera batteries. Great light. Lights up the night at very long distances as well. Battery life is pretty good but the CR2 batteries are a pain. Definately looking into some of the suggestions that don't require exotic batteries.

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    I carry the Fenix PD31. I love it. IT can output over 300 lumens but has a lower function for non defensive uses, sits on end in a "candle" mode, has a strobe and a bezel that is for mashing into someones face if the need arises. I love it. I carry it everywhere for practical applications and defense.

    It uses CR123 batteries. This is a concern to some people. However I buy them online and they are $1/piece. So well within my range.

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