I got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23

I got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23

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Thread: I got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23

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    I got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23

    I tried to cheep out and use a piece of tire tube rubber off a kids bike (got it out of the trash) and it was OK but I keep hearing about the Hogue rubber grip and broke down and spent the $10.10 on EBay (free shipping) and when it came in it seem to be much different than the tire tube; boy was I wrong.

    After getting the grip on (hair dryer to relax the rubber) it felt really good on my G23. I got the finger ribs and trimmed the rubber so it cleared all the areas that needed to be and then I noticed the palm swells. I first thought was this is not going to work and then that more I handled it the more I liked it. At first it was awkward because of years of handling the gun without one. Now it feels so right, a palm swell might not be for everyone but it is amazing how good it feels. I can't wait to get it to the range and try it out and see if it makes a difference on my grouping...

    Does anyone else tried these out and what did you think?

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    Never liked them . Makes grip too big and bulky, soft rubber clings to cover garment.
    Also never understood the " slippery grip" complaint some have with the Glock.
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    I've got a Hogue Handall Jr. on my Kel-tec, & a full-size HH on my G17. I like the HH grips additional swell & finger grooves for better grip, especially for use on my PF-9, & the benefit that I see in reducing slippage is when my hands start to sweat. Whether it be in the summer or after a while on the range, I sure do appreciate the improvement in moist handling.

    I don't really see any added tugging on my cover garments with the rubber. I do suggest that you keep an eye on the positioning of the HH, as they tend to migrate a little bit after a while.

    I'd say the HH is a must for smaller pistols.
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    I put one on my S&W 2" Airweight as it was getting a little painful after a box or two. It calmed it right down. I think you will like it more after you shoot with it for awhile. Good luck!
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    Yeah I got a feel for rubber grips on several of my handguns.

    I have extra large hands and arthritis so they work well for me.

    I got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23-photo.jpgI got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23-photo.jpgI got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23-photo.jpgI got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23-photo.jpgI got a hogue slip on grip for my glock 23-photo.jpg
    click images to enlarge....

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    My duty weapon came w/one. I kind of like it, mind you I have nothing to campare it to as I have not shot a glock w/out one. It keeps my hand from getting torn up.
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    I have a Hogue slip on grip on my G19 RTF2, G30SF and my USP .45 I also have Hogue grips on my AK and AR. I would put a Hogue grip on my 1911, but it's too pretty with it's wood grips. I'd like to get one for my S&W 442, but I think it's still bare metal on the backstrap. I'd like to to cover the metal part that rests against the web part of your hand between your finger and thumb.

    I love the palms swells and deeper finger grooves on Hogue grips. Since my G19 is the RTF2 model so I almost feel bad covering up the grippy texture, but... meh. I really like the Hogues better. Some people hate them because they stick to clothes. I can understand that. I can deal with that and it's not a a big deal to me.

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    palm swell is why i use it.. have it on the 23 and a USP 40... my 27 has laser grips, so it has the same effect...

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    I have a piece of inner tube on my G23 and like it. I will be pulling it off soon to put a Crimpson Trace laser on it. Laser was free since my buddy sold his G23. He lost the pin so I got one coming from CT.

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    Just put one on y G19 love it
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    I got one but took it off after a while. Now it sits in a box with unused holsters....

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    I love mine, I've had it since 1993 when I baught my G19. I'm getting one for my Sig P238.
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