Your preferred knife or multi-tool. Non-defense related

This is a discussion on Your preferred knife or multi-tool. Non-defense related within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Which do you prefer for daily chores? Fixed blade, folder or multi-tool? Let's assume that you already have a dedicated blade for defensive purposes, this ...

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Thread: Your preferred knife or multi-tool. Non-defense related

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    Your preferred knife or multi-tool. Non-defense related

    Which do you prefer for daily chores? Fixed blade, folder or multi-tool?

    Let's assume that you already have a dedicated blade for defensive purposes, this one is for work.

    I use a Leatherman Skeletool. It's got the basic functions that I need, plus one handed access for the blade.

    I didn't really know how to classify the Swiss army knives. They're folders, yet they have tools, too.
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    I have a trusty Leatherman Wave, that has held up to a ton of abuse with grace, and has enough tools to be useful, without the extraneous ones some multi-tools seem to have that just add weight, and aren't really usable.

    I busted two Gerber multi-tools in the field when I was in the Marines, but had this Leatherman for a couple years, and never had any issues.

    Otherwise, the Benchmade Griptilian is a good all purpose knife, if you want a knife only.

    The Ka-bar is hard to beat as far as a utility fixed blade.
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    I voted folder as I always have my Griptilian in my pocket. When I need a multi-tool I usually grab for my Leatherman Skeletool.
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    Leatherman Charge Ti, with a two plastic packs (in the sheath) full of interchageable bits.

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    Leatherman Super Tool 200... Have had it for over 5 years.
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    i prefer a fixed blade but in kansas you cant conceal a fixed blade, so i figure it's better to use a folder

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    I have many knives, but I carry a Leatherman Skeletool daily. It does everything that I need.

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    I voted for a folding knife because that is what I use the most, and therefore am the most comfortable.

    I have several fixed blade knives and for specific tasks, they are naturally superior to a folding knife. However, I usually only end up actually using my fixed blade knives when out in the field, or camping, etc.

    The folder is just much more handy, always carried and therefore used the most.

    As far as multi-tools go, I like them. But because of weight, I just don't carry them the way I carry a folding knife. I have noticed I use my multi-tool (Leatherman Surge), much more frequently now that I keep it in my EDC bag which goes to work with me and in the car/truck every time I leave the house. But because I don't carry my EDC bag like a purse, I don't have it nearly as accessible as a folding knife which is always on my person. Again, if I leave the house, I bring my EDC bag, but it stays in the car when I get out and go into places.

    I also keep earlier versions of the Leatherman in my range bag, and other tool kits. After owning a Gerber multi-tool, and receiving the "infamous" palm pinch, and ensuing blood blister, I got rid of that, and now stay exclusively with Leatherman tools.
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    I've carried a Swiss Army Knife for most of my life... Two cutting blades and some extra tools, right in my pocket!

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    Buck knife with half straight, half serrated blade.
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    I carry 3 knives with me nearly all the time, one, a defensive folder (Emerson CQC-11), two, a fixed blade that I have trained with and used as a defensive knife and a utility knife (Ka-Bar TDI) three, a Leatherman Wave.
    The one that gets left behind most often is the Leatherman, the blade I use the most is the TDI, so I voted fixed blade.
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    It depends, my EDC is a Spyderco Tenacious which I prefer for most cutting tasks, but I also carry a Leatherman Kick, which I would never leave home without.For a fixed blade, I will carry when fishing, hiking, camping, etc, I prefer the SOG Seal Pup.

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    I always am carrying a folder and a multi-tool, always. The folder I have been carrying lately is a Gerber EVO, until I can afford a Spyderco. My multi-tool of choice is the SOG PowerAssist in black oxide, which has the V-Cutter instead of scissors (I do a lot with paracord). Neither of these is a weapon to me but the EVO could be if needed. For hunting and camping needs, I always have my trusty SOG SealPup. Razor sharp and came with an excellent sheath.

    I would say that the Gerber EVO gets the most use, which is daily, almost hourly. People that see knives as weapons amaze me. I use mine for so many things so often that I do not see how they get by.
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    I used to carry a a Leatherman all the time. Not sure where it went... might be in with my fly-fishing or salmon gear. It dates back to '96, so I'm not even sure what kind it is... old. These days, carrying a Leatherman folder with a semi-serrated blade, mostly for cutting rope and plant material for my job. What I really want is a mini-griptillian, but I've a list of things I'm saving for that pre-empts a new knife

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    not dressed unless the leatherman holster is on the a new one every year for Xmas...I really use this tool (abuse)..the old one's live in the truck,boat,work bench,tool box...and an appelgate/fairbairn Gerber folder...

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