I really want to replace the sights on both my Gen3 G26 & G19 with the Warren Tactical plan rear sight, and tritium front sight. I have done a lot of reading to find out that there are 2 options for front sight height. 1) .215 and 2) .245. I do prefer to line all 3 sight posts up across the center of the bullseye (I don't know the exact name of that type of hold), rather than the hold at the bottom of the bullseye (6 0'clock hold?). I have read that the .215 height front sight means I will have to aim lower than I normally do, and I will be "guessing" how much higher the round will make contact. Will ordering the higher, .245 size front sight create that natural "split the bulls-eye in half" sight picture that I am so good with?

Also, will the same size front/rear sights work for both my Glock 19, and 26 since they do have a shorter sight radius than the G34 & G17 I see most people putting the Warren Tactical sights on?

I appreciate your help, thanks.