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Light just may save you.

This is a discussion on Light just may save you. within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This thread reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago.I was inline skating in a group in downtown Fort Lauderdale when a ...

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    This thread reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago.I was inline skating in a group in downtown Fort Lauderdale when a rotweiler came toward the group.I turned on my high intensity light and the dog was frozen in place while the rest of the group skated past it.Yes a good flashlight is vital to going out at night

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    I always carry my SF e2e day and night. This happens everytime I walk my dog. There's this one house I always pass during the walk and this dog always starts barking as soon as he sees me and my dog coming. I'll shine my light on him and he stops barking, I keep the light on him as I walk by he just stands there looking at the light. Once I pass and take the light off him about 5 seconds later, he starts barking at me again. I do this twice a night since I have to walk back the same way on my walk. LOL it's pretty entertaining.

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    doing security 3rd shift,i'm almost always finding myself in a dark place every so often..
    the $18 dorcy led light i got from walmart did save me from getting sprayed by a skunk..
    molon labe
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    Although a don't carry a small flash light, I do have a Maglite "Attitude Adjuster" under my seat. Not only for checking under the hood per se.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock21guy View Post
    The ability to stop an attack with just a beam of light is amazing.
    Lights, of course, are just part of defending yourself (But you already know that). Police have used light to their advantage for decades. One of the basics an officer learns is to use a "wall of light" to their advantage. It won't stop an attack, but it's going to make the perp's life a living hell if he doesnt see who he's shooting at.
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    On why dogs, stop barking or stop moving:

    I am not expert but my take is that as they are encandilated by a powerful light, they don't move as they can't see where they are going.

    You see this trait in deer that you find in the middle of the road, they stare at the car's lights aproaching them and they seem unable to move to avoid the collition.

    I had shinned my BOREALIS 1050 lumens at my Rott and he will not move and stare at the light.
    Of course I did this for only a few seconds to avoid damaging his eyes.

    As the eyes of the animals can see better in the dark than ours, it is only logical that they should be affected more than ours by bright lights.

    Years ago I used to go the the Adirondacks town dumps to see the bears at night (the local entertaiment too) the bears will stare at the lights for a long time if shinned directly at his eyes.

    Can't be done anymore, all towns have the garbage carted out of the Park now.

    black bear
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    I carry my Surefire P3 in a magazine/flashlight holster that is with me probably 98% of the time. I also have a Surefire Z2 that I carry-on while flying commercially. Since I’ve started carry a flashlight, I’m surprised at how many times it’s been handy to have… all non tactical I might add.


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    This thread helped me

    Last weekend my wife brother and I were looking at a comet (don't know which one). We were out in a feild in the middle of no where at night and heard a loud bark. I rememebered this thread and used my Dorcy (not as bright as a surefire) the dog hushed and did not move. I don't think it would have attacked us but the light should made it respect us. Thanks guys

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    My experiments to illuminate animals with a powerful light have continued to include raccoons, possums and cats.

    It happened that I got lucky fishing out of Greenport and got twenty of the big 7 to 9 pounds blue fish.

    I cleaned them in an old cedar patio table that I have in a corner of the back yard, as well as I hosed it down, the lingering fish odor still attracts the wild animals, especially coons.

    So, I put there my driveway alert sensor and my receiver in the bookshelf of the living room, and when they show up and activate the signal, I open the window and shine a light at them.

    I havenít tried the little 65 lumens ones, but the Surefire C-3 with the P-91 lamp (200 lumens) work very well, I have also shined the BOREALIS 1050 lumens at them and they canít see too stop staring at the light for as long as I want to hold it.

    I also tried a red filter in a BEAR CUB 220 lumens rechargeable light, with the red light they keep doing their investigations, smelling around the place and never notice anything, they are completely oblivious to the red light.

    I am going to seat in my tree stand this weekend; Iíll let you know what the deer will do.
    Builder of the BOREALIS 1050 lumens flashlight



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    At my father-in-laws house, his has a neighbor that has a dog that isn't on a leash. Everytime we leave that dogs comes running right at us. You have to stand your ground or the dog will attack. One night it was really dark and I had my Surefire A2 Aviator on me. We, stepped outside and I noticed that it was unussually calm outside. That coupled with the fog was pretty eery. My wife and I took a few steps off the front porch and I heard the barking. Since it was so calm, the barking seemed louder than usual. The was no wind to drown out the sounds. I pulled my A2 as quickly as possible, hit the switch and instant beam of light right on that dog. The dog actually yelped. I guess his eyes were adapted to the night and when he got hit by almost 90 lumens of intense light, it hurt and freaked him out. He qiuckly ran home. That was three weeks ago. My father-in-law said that, that dog has not bothered them since.

    That is the best flashlight story I have.


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