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Range Bag Supplies?

This is a discussion on Range Bag Supplies? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by MuchoUno What would this kit consist of? Spare panel...? Thanks. Toilet paper....

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Thread: Range Bag Supplies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuchoUno View Post
    What would this kit consist of? Spare panel...? Thanks.
    Toilet paper.

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    if a gun or its sights/scope/red-dot needs specific size tools; have them
    cause a squib can cut a session short--assort rods to remove stuck bulletts
    (but if you shoot faster than you can stop--more than the session can be ruined)
    extra eyes & ears cause people forget or have company.
    shooting gloves
    pact timer and sometimes a crony
    fresh assorted batteries
    laser pointer (to goof on others targets with)
    masking tape mostly for the IDPA targets
    can rem oil, silicon cloth, assort coins
    lots more....almost time for spring cleaning
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    Post-it notes
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    BooBoo kit & GSW trauma kit similar to the one pictured in fastk9dad's post #7.
    Staple Gun w/ staples
    Duct Tape
    Soft Ear Plugs (about 50 pair)
    Shooting Muffs hearing protection (Silenco)?
    Shooting Glasses (3 pair for friends who don't have)
    Wiley-X prescription shooting glasses for me. (Light adjusting, similar to transitions)
    Purex Hand Sanitizer and wipes
    Power Bars/Cliff Bars/Beef Jerky
    Sharpie Pens to annotate targets if saving them.
    Roll of Target repair stickers
    Chapman Screwdriver Set
    Small Otis Gun Cleaning Kit with Gunzilla
    1 old set cleaning rods to push out stuck cases or bullets
    Usually 2 liters of water
    Ammo & Guns that I am planning on shooting

    As others, I use the Midway Deluxe Range Bag. It almost needs wheels.
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    My range bag has gotten huge,I got screwdrivers,allen wrenches,cleaning kit,ammo,targets, staple gun,handguns,ammo,xtra eyes/ears,My bag is probably around 40 pounds.For medical I shoot with a Doctor who has a trauma kit
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder71 View Post
    Toilet paper.
    In the right circumstances I bet you could get $20.00 a roll,maybe more if you got a bidding war going
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    Extra eyes and ears, Premade Adventure Medical Kits First Aid Kit and Trauma Kit. A small container of those disinfectant wipes and a dry clean hand towel. Sharpies of various colors, staple gun. thumb tacks extra magazines incase of failure. Bandana and a collapsible boonie hat. The saline is a good idea as is a small bottle of rubbing alcohol.
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    Range Bag Items:
    2 pistol cases
    40/45 caliber ammo
    cleaning gear (patches/solvents/cleaning rod/oiled wipes/bore brush/bore swab/patches/rags/silicone rag/gun brush/pipe cleaners)
    pistol user manual for USP .40
    pistol rug
    sticker targets
    Quick Clot bandages/gauze pads/gauze tape)
    First Aid Kit (contains carabiner to connect to my range bag)

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    MidwayUSA range bag. Best $30 I ever spent! Contents are:

    - Tape, both electrical and duct
    - Swiss Army Knife
    - Pen
    - Sharpie marker
    - Binoculars
    - Staple gun and extra staples
    - Section of cleaning rod with handle attached for clearing jams
    - Sunscreen. I burn easy.
    - Band aids. I've taken skin off at the range more than once.
    - Safety glasses
    - Electronic muffs
    - A bunch of spare ear plugs. I ran across one couple at the range that had a pair of muffs that they kept exchanging depending on who was shooting. They were mighty happy when I went up and handed them some.
    - Ad hoc trauma kit with Israeli bandage, H bandage, quite a bit of gauze, a tourniquet and gloves.

    I usually always keep a few boxes of 9mm and 7.62x39 in there and then add to it if I'm using different weapons or bringing more people.
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    My firearms, ammo, extra mags (loaded before I get there), a cleaning kit, ear protection (2 kinds), eyes, multi-tool, preprinted range liability waivers...& now, bandaids.
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    Now carry first aid kit.......Don't ask


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    Water bottle.
    Moleskin, for shooting those painful mouseguns.
    Tape, for targets.
    Extra eyes, ears, because friends come too.
    Targets I print at home.
    Lula's. World's greatest invention since the wheel.
    Wooden dowel (1') Just in case.
    Small towel, it gets hot.

    Yep, I need to add band-aids.

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    I moved to liquid band-aids a while back. Stinky as you put it on, but is a lot more flexible than bandaids in some spots

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    Quote Originally Posted by MuchoUno View Post
    What would this kit consist of? Spare panel...? Thanks.
    At a minimum:

    Commercial Tourniquet
    A hemostat agent
    Pressure dressing
    Roll of Kerlix gauze and tape
    A chest seal
    Nasal pharyngeal airway

    The knowledge to use the above (not that difficult)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder71 View Post
    Toilet paper.
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