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Range Bag Supplies?

This is a discussion on Range Bag Supplies? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by J0eyg86 also a hand full of used grocery bags, may range has a u bring it you take it policy to its ...

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Thread: Range Bag Supplies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J0eyg86 View Post
    also a hand full of used grocery bags, may range has a u bring it you take it policy to its nice to have them for trash. also really nice when i find used brass easier and cleaner then putting it in my range bag and then haveing to clean out my range bag from dirt.
    Good idea, my wife hoards these bags, lol. Thanks to this topic I am now putting together a first aid kit for the range.

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    I keep all the basic stuff. Small tool's, multi tool set, oil, rag's and I got a small Winchester handgun cleaning kit. The cleaning kit goes from .22-45 cal and your able to put the rod's, patch jag, and all the brass brush's that come with in the handle. You can take both end cap's off and store the accessories in the handle that's about 4 inche's long. I think it cost around $7 at Walmart.
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    first aid kit, quick clot,screw drives set,sm hammer, a dool, flaslight, knife, cell phone.

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    In my bag I always make sure to have proper antibacterial ointment. The worst thing that can happen to someone is infection in an injury. Having the right medical supplies on hand makes those types of injuries a lot better!

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    Here's my newest bag.

    Sometimes I make a quick trip to the range and only take my Kahr P380. When I do, I use this.

    I can fit the gun in the mesh pocket, the extra mag in the zippered pocket, and a box of ammo or two and ear plugs in the main pocket. It has a magnetic closure on the main pocket instead of a zipper so it snaps shut tightly. It's such a small case that most other guns won't fit in it. I can't put my Walther P22 in it.

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    One thing I did not see mentioned or I overlooked it was a flashlight. though we don't normally shoot in the dark, the day can wind down and, dusk approches. There you are looking for this-that-and-the-other. A (high lumen) LED flashlight is also great for finding droped screws, springs etc.

    The other thing I might have missed was an extra warm body in case of a tragic event. When I go shoot, 99% of the time I take my wife (Nurse and avid shooter) just in case. Most of use do not have a range but simply a shooting spot and for me its way out in the boonies. ZERO cell phone coverage for about 2-3 miles in any direction.

    Back when I was involved in ham radio we all had the same discussions on what we called a GO-BAG and what should be in it. If memory serves me correct most everyone would have to have had a pallet and forklift to load all the "thought necessary" stuff. In this discussion however, everthing mentioned seem very logical.
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    I don't spend much time at the range when I go... 150 rounds between my friend and me, and our 3 pistols. So we have the usual guns, extra mags, speed loader, ammo, stick-on target decals, ear protection, safety glasses, shooting gloves.

    I also carry a separate pack, but that's my edc:

    first aid supplies, including quick release pack straps and velcro straps , trauma bandages, saline solution, microman multitool, bandaids, alcohol and iodine pads, instant cold pack, disposable gloves, triangular bandage, extra mag loaded with defensive ammo. I think I stuck a pack of Kleenex in there the other day too.

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    My range bag is about as full of arcane and semi useful stuff as my wife's purse, although I won't admit it to her. In addition to the K frame rear sight, odd springs, pins, and magazines for guns I no longer own, there are a few must have things. I keep a good cleaning kit, Otis flexible and a solid rod along with some lube and patches. My personal set of gunsmithing tools including a brass hammer. Good eye and ear protection.

    As for medical supplies, I have noticed that I need small stuff more frequently than major trauma supplies. I have a small pouch (it's the fake leather case that a blood pressure cuff comes in) with trauma supplies sealed in a "food saver" vacuum pouch. Sucking the air out of gauze reduces the size considerably as well as keeping it waterproof and clean. I have some gauze rolls, vet wrap, gauze pads, gloves, occlusives, and an airway all squeezed down into that little pouch. Along with that are several loose band aids and a small gauze pad or two that I can use without having to open the sealed vacuum bag.
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