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Pepper Spray for Dog Attack?

This is a discussion on Pepper Spray for Dog Attack? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Ionracas Not trying to jack the thread but Ive been wondering about something regarding animal attacks. If I were to use my ...

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Thread: Pepper Spray for Dog Attack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ionracas View Post
    Not trying to jack the thread but Ive been wondering about something regarding animal attacks. If I were to use my firearm on a dog in an urban environment could there be any serious legal issues? Im not talking about from the owner but police and/or a prosecutor. I would be defending my life from imminent danger of course but would discharging a firearm in lets say an urban environment over a dog be considered excessive?

    Lets up the ante a little and say its already on me attacking.

    I have no idea what the density of a dogs bones and organs are but Im sure over penetration at point blank range would be an issue.

    Another example would be the woman in Chester, Connecticut being brutally mualled by a chimp. It was in an apartment in a commercialized urban area. I use that as an example as well because I worked right across the street from there and the chimp was allowed to roam free by the owners. Police shot it after the attack, on a public street but I am not an LEO.
    For me the over penetration issue is one I think about a lot when on my nightly walks around town. It is a case where the laws in my State actually endanger lives rather than protect them. It is legal for me to shoot an attacking animal with my 45 even though the chances of a ricochet if the bullet hits pavement would be high. However a sword cane which would not require anything extra to carry as I walk with a cane anyways is illegal. So the 45 which could endanger people or property is fine under the law but the sword cane which would endanger no one but the animal attacking is illegal.
    By law I am required to unnecessarily put the public at risk when using deadly force.


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    I have twin 5 year olds and their faces are at perfect height for a disfiguring permanant injury from a dog bite. I have come close to shooting dogs a couple times on our family walks in the woods and if the owners hadn't called them back I wouldn't have thought twice about it. I have a lot of experience with the MSI/Mace brand sprays and I use a small 10% keychain sized one for that purpose at work when I can't be armed with a gun. I like the shape of the container amd the flip-top for use under stress.

    Now I was told, but can't confirm, that pepper sprays for SD use contain various concentrations of OC based on the manufacturer, but that sprays marketed for use against dogs (such as the "Halt" and "Muzzle" brand, etc) are limited to a certain low concentration. If that were true I'd certainly stick with a full powered spray.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crescentstar View Post
    +1 for Fox Labs. It is pretty much the gold standard.

    ^^^^^^^^Thisis what I use/Carry^^^^^^^

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