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This is a discussion on Ear Protection within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just use the "el cheapo" foam ear plugs. They work for me....

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Thread: Ear Protection

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    I just use the "el cheapo" foam ear plugs. They work for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keydet90 View Post
    ... while at the range ... ear plugs or ear muffs?
    Better for protection of hearing: both, everytime. Better for being able to hear conversational-level human speech even through shots: an electronic set of muffs. For me, both used at the same time ( a set of Silencio electronic ears, and a set of Etymotics plugs) works best, for protection.
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    Because the VA is kind enough to provide my hearing aids after many years on the flightline, and I was downright religious about hearing protection even then, I try to salvage what I have left of my hearing. I always use plugs and muffs at the range.

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    Electronic is way cool

    I have a nice set of those electronic ear muffs that i got for Christmas. They are totally awesone. I can't recall the brand, muight be Dillon. I can tell you they are blue, and have a separate volume dooda for each side.

    I really dont like plugs, especially the foam ones. While they give good protection, I sometimes have had a little problem getting them out again.

    Of course, if you are not like me and are not dumb enough to push them in too far, that likely wont be a problem. What I DO do though is carry some new foam ones anyway in my range bag in case

    a) I do the same as Chris and leave the things on.
    b) In case I have dragged anyone along to the range. (I make it my mission to convert as many people as possible!!)

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    Although I prefer plugs, I normally have both when indoors, no matter what I'm firing, but if I have to have one or the other, its plugs. I use Aearo Superfit Classics (NRR 33db). They're uncomfortable, but they work. The muffs dont stay on, but I have them in the event that the lane next to me get occupied by someone shooting one of the louder caliibers.

    I dont like muffs. Theyre alright for pistol shooting, but for the most part they dont work to well with longarms (for me). I normally have a plug in my left ear (stock side) at least, sometimes both, depending on what I'm shooting and if I'm indoors or not.

    I also have a problem with muffs sealing over the earpieces of my glasses.

    My gf normally wears both. She's a realatively new shooter, and doubling up did wonders for her flinching.

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    Custom molded earplugs. I can't stand muffs down here in the hot months (9 out of 12) so these babies are a MUST. Great sound isolation and not very expensive. Our guy charges $40 the pair.
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    I use plugs only and have several sets of different types. The muffs squeezing on the arms of my glasses started giving me migraines a few years back so I haven't worn them since. There's all sorts of plugs on the market and most are relatively inexpensive.

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