Way back in 1991 I bought an Oehler 35P Chronograph and itís been operating faithfully all this time, till the little printer stopped advancing the paper this year. There was no way I thought that Oehler was still supporting this model, never mind making them, but I contacted them anyway via Email.

I received a reply that day apologizing for my printer troubles (after 21 years) and explaining that the little printers were crapping out at about the 12-14 year mark and that they werenít being imported anymore. I have no idea how many rolls of paper went through my little printer, but it was a bunch. They also explained that they were buying calculators with printers and stripping out the printers to support their customers. Bottom line is, for $50 they replaced my printer and did an overhaul on my chronograph to include replacing a couple parts Iíd lost and broken. It arrived back today and operates just as well as it did new in 1991.

Itís awesome to see an American company support their products!