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My thoughts on leather vs kydex

This is a discussion on My thoughts on leather vs kydex within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess I'm old fashioned. I like leather, I like good leather, I like Pure Kustom Leather!...

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Thread: My thoughts on leather vs kydex

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    I guess I'm old fashioned. I like leather, I like good leather, I like Pure Kustom Leather!
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    Quote Originally Posted by swelly61 View Post
    I can't remember who but someone make a leather covered kydex holster... If you looked I'm sure you could find it.

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    I am kind of new at this carry stuff, but kydex is noisy getting the weapon drawn. I really don't like that as I would prefer, should the situation ever arise to reach back and quietly clear, then hold it against my leg hidden from the threat. I use a kydex paddle for the Glock at four o'clock.

    Doesn't leather wear the finish off a gun. The military 45s had wear on all the sharp corners. Rarely shot and always in that hard leather holster. Maybe it was the bad fit of the holster that made the wear.

    I use a soft DeSantis pocket holster for the little gun and belt clips for IWB on the 9mm pistols. I can get everything out quietly except the Glock from kydex.

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    I like a fine piece of hand crafted leather as well. I carry IWB and I can't see getting all the exotic leather trim on a IWB. If I was allowed to open carry, I would have some exotic's added on.
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    In my opinion functionality is paramount in defense. Newer non leather holsters offer better retention via thumb brake. For those that OC, the retention is desirable. That said, I agree, leather looks great with a fine pistol.
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    I use the CB Supertuck when carrying at work, or when I'm doing more strenuous activity; I use the Falco It 92 when wearing cargo shorts or jeans. The Falco is definitely more attractive.

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    One of my very first posts here! I had to chime in on this one.

    I do agree that kydex is more functional than leather. It gives you a hard point to work the gun off of during malfunction drills. But if you have yourself a custom 1911, say a Wilson Combat or a Nighthawk Tactical, that costs in excess of $3000, you can't be using a kydex holster. A fine investment requires a fine home. The more pride you take in your investment, the more you'll take care of it. Get a top quality leather holster from a well-known master leatherworker who's got crazy lead times, and it will last you for a lifetime with proper care. Sticking a beautiful 1911 into a kydex holster is kind of like sticking a Ferrari in a storage unit, IMO.

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    LEather all the way. I'd never put my 1911 on anything kydex :) yuk!!! My Glock G19 on other hand is hybrid style. Very comfortable.
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    While I like and use both, I’m slowly swaying to the “dark side” of Kydex after being a hardcore leather fan. The functionality just can’t be beat in a lot of cases. IMHO, retention in a quality Kydex holster is superior without the use of a thumbsnap, they’re also impervious to sweat and moisture. It’s also a lot thinner, while my PPQ is thicker than my 1911’s, the PPQ/KC package is thinner than the 1911 and Sparks VM2.

    Les Baer Stinger in a Sparks VM2 with matching mag/light carrier:

    Walther PPQ-9 in a Kaluban Cloak setup for IWB:

    When it comes to modularity, I think Kydex wins hands down, the KC for instance goes from IWB to OWB to IAWB to MOLLE, and you can change the cant, just by changing hardware or position.

    For maximum comfort AND functionality of Kyex, there’s the Hybrid, best of both worlds:

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    I prefer leather (although I have CB Supertuck for certain situations, it is a good quality holster). If your leather holster does not exhibit good retention, then you need to toss it and buy a good one. They might be pricey, but worth it. My Pure Kustom holds my 1911 snug as can be but still has excellent draw and re holster capability.
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    I don't have the luxury at this time to be able to afford anything too expensive. I think both selections each have a lot going for them but I have to choose functionality over style.

    Right now I have an Uncle Mike's nylon that has been the fastest draw I've had, it conceals good & best yet I got it free with my pistol purchase. Otherwise it's about $16. Maybe in a few months I'll hopefully have to make the decision between leather & kydex.

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    I carry everything in leather, most of it from Galco. I just like the feel and looks of a good piece of leather.

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    I like the look of leather holsters, but they are really not practical for me much of the year here in North Texas. I carry aiwb and leather holsters quickly get saturated with sweat when I'm outdoors. I generally carry right next to the skin......... Kydex has other advantages......they are generally thinner than leather and don't wear out. I started carrying using Galco leather holsters (still have a few), but have since gone to Dale Fricke kydex holsters yearround.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swelly61 View Post
    I can't remember who but someone make a leather covered kydex holster... If you looked I'm sure you could find it.
    garrett industries make superb leather lined kydex holsters that have the best features of both materials. Check them out at it is truly a fine product and the customer service is outstanding.

    You can see the leather lining in the photos below

    Here's my Silent Thunder STX Champion for my G 36
    My thoughts on leather vs kydex-silentthunderstxp1000158.jpg

    My thoughts on leather vs kydex-silentthunderstxg36p1000162.jpg
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    I'll stick with leather for my side arms.
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