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This is a discussion on Buyer Beware: Cheaper Than Dirt within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well, my first order with them.... the shipping was totally bungled ..... and after awhile I threw my hands up and told them to cancel ...

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Thread: Buyer Beware: Cheaper Than Dirt

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    Well, my first order with them.... the shipping was totally bungled ..... and after awhile I threw my hands up and told them to cancel the order. I had already spent way to much time with them, trying to get the point across they were shipping it to the the wrong town in Kansas.

    I did try them on a couple of things later that I could find no where else, and it went fine.

    However, I then found..... that Midway, Brownells, and others have much better prices.... or the Prices might be a touch higher but the shipping was much less than CTD, so the total of the order was less than CTD. I've found their shipping to be higher than most. So, I didn't really order anything from them after that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I've mostly purchased from their Fort Worth, Texas retail store location but also by mail order with perfect satisfaction.
    +1. Great experience at the retail location. Hard to condemn a company for an isolated logistics issue.

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    I had one bad experience with them. FedEx delivered 700 rounds of ammo on my front steps only 3 feet from the sidewalk. FedEx knocked and left the package without a signature. I asked the driver why he just left it and he said he was not required to get a signature unless requested by the shipper. After several emails to CTD customer service I felt very dissatisfied with their customer service. I was treated much like the OP. I suggested fixing the shopping cart to allow the consumer to request a signature. I was told to call after placing my internet order to request a signature.


    It's about our convenience not their's. How hard would it be to make this positive addition to their site? Not very! I spoke to the Internet Sales Manager who agreed to give it some thought and suggest the change to the owners.

    I will do business with in the future, however, they wont get too many more chances.
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    I had ordered my preferred EDC ammo from them before I found better sources & prices. Had no problem with those couple of purchases.

    About the only problem I have is their sharing my address a couple times with outside companies (gun related). I've only received 2 or 3 mailings in this way. - a tip: Add initials or an abbreviation to your own name when dealing with companies that you purchase from over the internet (JoeCTD Smith). It can be pretty easy to figure out who is sharing your info in this way. I even do this when filling in the credit card info during payment only & my CC companies have never complained.
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    I've ordered from ctd several times with no issues..however I did order some target ammo lately that went back order..checked the website and it's off the site now....they notified me that I can ask for a sub but decided to cancel the issues really as I can get the ammo locally a little cheaper with out the shipping charges....but all other orders came quickly and't really complain...I also like midway......a bit more expensive at times but they always ship quickly and I get the stuff at my door...

    that's all you need to remember..

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    I like the WalMart in Hillsborough, NC. The two in Durham are too expensive, so I drive to the country (15 mi) and save a fortune on gun supplies, esp. ammo. the selection is great, always well-stocked. And I'm a dedicated internet shopper. I buy everything online. Except gun supplies. Haven't found a place that beats H'boro Wally when you put internet shipping up against Wally's sales tax. But to each his own.

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    Just about anything that can be bought online can be bought from several different places -- each online store has its own pricing and its own shipping & handling fees. The trick is to find the combination that works best for what you want and when you want it.

    Recently I was interested in picking up a few items that Midway had at a good price. Unfortunately the three items I wanted came to $24.95 total. Considering that the three items together couldn't have weighed 4oz and would have easily fit in a 4x6 padded envelope, I wasn't happy with Midway's shipping charge. I looked all over their website for something cheap to push the total over the magic $25 point to get free shipping but I could not find anything else that I wanted at the time. I ended up buying two of the same items elsewhere plus another item I found at the other store.

    Bottom Line: Always check at least three online stores for anything you are buying online.
    Cheaper than Dirt, Sportsmans Guide, Amazon, and eBay are my usual places to look for just about any kind of cheap stuff.
    Midway and Optics Planet are usually good for firearms related items.

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    CTD has always done what they said they would do, often more quickly than promised. I like them, but sorry for your experince.

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    New Mexico & Michigan
    Ordered from them many times over the last 20 years, no problems.

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    Phoenix, Az.
    It's been years (literally) since I ordered from them but the 1 time I ordered was a bad experience. The order itself went fine, it was the CTD included coupon that got me. I got something like $10.00 off my order by clicking on the CTD coupon (note that this was a progressional part of the order process, not a separate offer. The order was not completed for 2 more pages).

    The order was delivered promptly and there were no problems with the order itself. The merchandise seemed to be of less quality than the description implied. The real problem came with my next credit card statement. It seems that coupon offered by CTD was in fact a 3rd party coupon club or something. That $10.00 off was going to cost me $20.00 per month. I called, and they finally removed me from the club and refunded my money. Any outfit that is that shady does not deserve my business.

    Maybe they have changed their way of doing business (this was several years ago). The whole experience seemed very underhanded and intentionally misleading to me. NOWHERE in the process was I able to find any terms/conditions of the coupon club. I placed another order with a gift card just to be sure, then I cancelled the order.
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    I've had a few orders from CheaperThanDirt and encountered no problems.

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    In the interest of fairness to CTD with my experience, I wanted to post a brief update.

    I was contacted by CTD via, where I originally posted this cautionary experience. Their Sales Manager wanted to review the transaction and communications involved to coach as necessary. I received an automated e-mail earlier that I had been given a $25 CTD gift certificate for my inconvenience.

    I certainly wasn't looking for anything like that, but I can appreciate the gesture. It seems like CTD is making it to try and make things right which is commendable.
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    CTD is fine. No problems. Midway is better.

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