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OC sprayed my 8th felon of the year

This is a discussion on OC sprayed my 8th felon of the year within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Jeremy, I have to strongly disagree with this line of thinking. If deadly force is necessary it is no great feat to explain why. This ...

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Thread: OC sprayed my 8th felon of the year

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    Jeremy, I have to strongly disagree with this line of thinking. If deadly force is necessary it is no great feat to explain why. This goes along the same line of thinking that using handloads for SD is a liability.

    Either deadly force was required or it wasn't. My agency has never issued any such warning on the carrying of OC off duty, and I have never heard of any other doing so.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    LTL is no-brainer. Use-of-force continuum is a point that leading lights in the SD industry espouse. A tac light has utility function. Incapacitating spray has tactical superiority at "safe" distance (or closer). Foresight of possessing alternative to lethal force may be more responsible than simply carrying lethal force like a gangsta.
    I'm waiting for citations from Jeremy on actual cases where LTL was a liability before I leave home without it.
    Americans understood the right of self-preservation as permitting a citizen to repel force by force
    when the intervention of society... may be too late to prevent an injury.
    -Blackstone’s Commentaries 145–146, n. 42 (1803) in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)

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    I would carry OC spray... but I can't find room on my utility belt....

    OC sprayed my 8th felon of the year-utility-belt.jpg

    It is to laugh gman... I don't have a utility belt... And your OP gives some reason to think about it...

    There are other arguments herein against doing so... I will try to weigh them both... but honestly...

    My firearm is less than lethal until I pull the trigger... and there are many times that drawing and not firing has been done by others to good effect... and simple "unintentional" display of a weapon in it's holster has worked for me...

    disclaimer: that is not me, that is not my utility belt...
    It could be worse!
    I suppose

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thmtn View Post
    Second - I don't want to have to decide between gun and spray, and have that lag time work against me. After all, most of the time a gun is drawn, the perp runs away, so a gun can be "non lethal."
    This is my feeling as well. I often carry the spray when I go for a walk and just keep it in the palm of my hand. I've been teaching my 9 year old daughter to do the same. SO in that case I already have the spray ready and if I see the nature of the threat and decide that the gun is better, it doesn't take any extra time to drop the spray while reaching for my gun.

    But for regular day-to-day stuff, I don't carry the spray. I already have enough to stuff to carry and I'm also afraid that since I wouldn't normally already have the spray in my hand, the decision on which one to go for would be tough. What if the spray is not good enough? I've already taken the 1 to 3 seconds needed to dig the spray out of my pocket, Will I still have time to go for my gun?

    I do also keep a can in my car in my emergency bag. I've had to grab it a few times when I had to go into my daughters school unexpectedly. Since I can't carry a gun in there, I wanted to at least have the spray.
    "Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws." -Plato

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