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Invest in a good GUN belt!

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Thread: Invest in a good GUN belt!

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    Another vote for The Belt man! I bought one with shark skin several years ago and it still looks great and holds anything I carry perfectly. I was so impressed with it that I ordered another one in plain black to replace the useless Gall's duty belt we're issued at work.

    I really don't notice my G23 in an OWB holster at all since the belt anchors it solid. Some things are just worth what you pay for them.

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    Horse Hide, from The Belt Man, still running strong for me after 3+ years. Scratched up, finish worn. Still functional and was worth the $120+ back then.

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    When looking at the 5.11 belts, remember that the flimsy TDU belts that are dirt cheap are for holding up your pants, not your pants and a holster with a gun in it. The 5.11 Operator belt is 1.75" with a polymer insert that is better suited for carrying purposes. They are however, made in China. For me, I like the Wilderness Tactical 1.75" CSM Instructor belt, which is made in the USA and is roughly the same price as the 5.11 china made belts.

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    Finally got me a Bullhide Gun Belt and man was I impressed. Both of my old biker belts were thin and so soft worn after 10 plus years of use. My IWB Galco holster kept flipping out of my inside waste band afew time, thats one reason I never carried with one in the pipe.
    Problem solved!!
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    As others have said you don't know what you were missing till you have it! Love my Beltman bullhide. Great looking and I am glad my dad didn't have one when I was a little terror, may have killed me.

    "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt" ~ Mark Twain

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    You will not go wrong with one of the good manufacturers. I personally like Beltman...Gun Belts by The Belt Man

    Just read the instructions and follow them to the letter for measuring and you will NOT be disappointed.
    This. So much this. You cannot go wrong with Belt Man.
    If you're going to carry one weapon, might as well carry two, because as the saying goes, "Two is one, and one is none."

    "Liberals can decline or whine, but I will still carry and conceal mine." - Cold Warrior. Excellent quote good sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangeman View Post
    Over the years of reading websites like I have seen many discussions about gun belts and pretty much ignored them. AFter all I had a good Levi's belt that I bought at a local clothing store and it seemed to work fine. But over the past several months I had noticed some "slippage" when I was carrying in a Crossbreed Supertuck, which otherwise is a fine holster.
    Finally after a few embarrassing moments during a trip to the mall that included sneaking behind a clothing rack to get the belt and holster back in place I decided it was time to take another look at those gun belt posts on this and a few related sites.
    I eventually settled on Bullhide Belts (one of this website's sponsors but I am getting nothing in exchange for writing this review). When the belt arrived the other day I could immediately tell the difference in construction and weight compared to the off-the-rack one. This belt is sturdy, well designed and best of all -- it really holds the gun and holster in place! At $65 for a bullhide belt (free shipping) it was just $30 more than what I paid for the Levi's one.
    The bottom line is if you're one of those folks who has bypassed those gun belt posts and decided to just get by -- take another look. The belt is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the holster. Pick whatever brand you want, do some shopping online, go to a gun show if you have to look at these belts but definitely do yourself a favor both for comfort and safety and GET A GOOD BELT.
    You really hit on the key points to this issue. The belt/holster combo are a part of a system. As with any system, its only as good as its weakest link. $65 for a belt isn't really that much money. Heck, you can give that for a "Docker" belt that won't perform anywhere near to the same degree as your gun-belt. If you shop at some of the finer stores, you can't even buy a belt for $65.

    I also have a Crossbreed belt. I was like you at first and was a bit skeptical of gun-belts that cost so much money. As soon as I received mine, however, I could immediately tell that it is a quality product. I really don't mind spending a little more if I know I'm getting a true quality product.

    As mentioned somewhere eles, a quality belt will last for years. When something holds up for a length of time, it goes from being expensive to being a bargain - in the long-run.

    Quote Originally Posted by zacii View Post
    I bought a Galco gun belt which turned out poorly. It was marketed as a gun belt, but it was really just a regular belt with the Galco name.

    I sprung for a Rock Steady belt from High Noon holsters and I've been thourougly pleased with it.

    It's amazing what some people will, or will not pay for things. I don't care what people do, it's just an interesting observation.

    Most people would spend up to $1000 on a gun, but wouldn't spend $100 on a holster.

    Most people would gladly dump $100 for dinner at a chain restaurant, but would not spend $100 on a good belt that will last at least a decade.

    I know people who spend $100s of dollars on booze and cigarettes, but their fridges and cupboards are bare.

    I know a person who couldn't afford a Glock, but was able to buy a home theater system. The TV that he bought was $3000.

    When it comes to money, it's all about perspective. People, for the most part, are able to find away to get what they want whatever the cost.

    I don't care what people want to spend their money on. It's just ironic to observe our species when it comes to defining 'value'

    Sent from my Galaxy S2

    It really comes down to "perceived value", doesn't it? We often hear people say that they carry a gun because they want to protect their family. They will put hours into researching the gun and shopping for it. They will then go and buy up boxes and boxes of ammo and spend time at the range to get a feel for the gun and to see if its going to run properly. They put in a considerable amount of time and money into their gear so that they can have some protection and then all of a sudden when it comes to properly storing their weapon, they want to skimp. Like you said, they'll spend $1,000 on a pistol but won't consider spending 10% of that for a holster and a belt, etc.

    Something else you'll see some people do; instead of buying a good product up front, they'll buy a lot of cheap ones. This can go for anything; fishing rods & reels, knives and even cars. I've seen a guy that could have had a good knife for what he gave for a bunch of cheap ones that will never carry a proper edge - nevertheless retain one. To each, his own. If you would rather have 5 cheap knives instead of one good one that will do what a knife is supposed to do, then have at it.

    Going by the way of the cheap is alluring though. I've come close to doing this with a T-Maxx (remote control nitro monster truck). Even if someone gives an old one to you, if you aren't careful, you'll have the cost of a new one in your old one by the time you fix/trick it out. Sometimes its just more economical to spend a little more up front as opposed to spending your money, via nickel and dime-ing, etc.

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    +1 on this. I just picked up a 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt - 1.5". It is awesome. I really love the velcro, as I can "fine tune" adjust the tension for different pairs of pants.

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    I got my Bull belt, single layer creased leather, from, today. The leather is a bit thicker than 1/4", and stiff. It is 1-1/2" wide, and is great. I used their sizing method, 4" larger than your pants size. It fits well. I couldn't be happier for less than $50 and free shipping. I ordered it last Wednesday, and Monday, it is here.

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    Got this 1 1/2 " belt from D.M. Bullard last week. Little pricey, but I think it will last a long time.

    Invest in a good GUN belt!-1_5_belt_saddle.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Why wouldn't you want to buy a belt online from a reputable maker? Are inches longer/shorter in Northern Ky than in Western Ky? Is your waist oval-shaped? What?
    I don't buy anything without seeing it and feeling it first. You can find good and bad reviews for pretty much any gun belt on the market, and each person has an opinion about what they want from a product. I've made the mistake of ordering online and getting cheap knock-off brands. I want to see and feel the quality for myself before spending my husband's hard earned cash!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaDanah26 View Post
    I've made the mistake of ordering online and getting cheap knock-off brands.

    Particularly with clothing, and most particularly with tools that are employed to help save our lives. Amen to that.
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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    I wear an Atlas belt by Volund Gear Works. In 1.5" it's a little stiffer than a wilderness but not as bulky as an Ares Cobra belt. Made up of 1 layer of 1.5" SCUBA sandwiched between 2 layers of same size nylon webbing and a trim band of 1" nylon webbing with 5 stitch, uses an ITW Nexus G-Hook. It's so light and perfect rigidity.

    Had mine done up in olive drab with black trim for $45

    Volund Gearworks

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    I just put my order in for an Ares Gear Ranger belt. I've put off buying a gun belt for a while because a P238 doesn't exactly strain any belts that I have. But the new belt should allow me to carry something heavier in the winter more comfortably.

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    Tactical Gear, Tactical Equipment, Duty Belts, Slings, USA

    Wilderness 5-stich belt! Works like a charm.

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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