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Lock box for the car?

This is a discussion on Lock box for the car? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by FAS1 Is that new? I haven't seen any from Fort Knox that are designed to fit under a seat. Do you have ...

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Thread: Lock box for the car?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAS1 View Post
    Is that new? I haven't seen any from Fort Knox that are designed to fit under a seat. Do you have a link?
    Its only going to work with 5" of clearance on the height minimum.

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    After looking at the GunVault Nano this weekend, I think they have made serious improvements compared to the older videos I have seen. This box seems to be pretty dang rugged and there was no play/flexing in the hinge. I'm definitely glad I got the 200 for my M&P compact as the 100 would be a really tight fit (don't know why I haven't tried mine in the 100 we also bought.) The 200 will hold the pistol and a magazine. It won't fit my Shielded Holster though, which is kind of a bummer (even though I expected that it wouldn't.) Days that I'm carrying to work and know I will be leaving it in the truck I will use my Uncle Mikes, since it will just be to and from work.

    Although I think the Bulldog Vault might be a little heavier built, I don't think it will make any difference in the typical situation.

    GunVault Pros:
    Holds contents tighter due to more padding
    Secure enough that I can't see someone wasting time trying to open it during a smash and grab

    Bulldog Pros:
    More storage room (compared to the GV100 and 200)
    Heavier built
    Because the inner box is inside a frame, it would be much more difficult to get it open w/o the key.
    Better means of permanently mounting it, if you desire.
    If mounted to the floor under a seat it would be EXTREMELY difficult to get into this thing for a BG

    All-in-all I'm happy w/ my purchase and think I made the right one for me.
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    Thanks for the review, Mr. Wood. There are surely quite a few of us trying to figure out which budget lock box to buy, and your input is going to help us make a good decision for our needs.

    It looks like the Gunvault 200 and the Bulldog are actually comparable in cost, though some websites seem to give a discount on one.

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    use GV nano for the car
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    I have one of the Center of Mass boxes also. It seems to be of good construction. I drilled a couple of extra holes in the bottom of the case, used very heavily threaded screws into the thick bottom plastic of the console, which BTW is part of the console frame work and then ran the cable through teh console and atttached it to the console mouting bolt. The way it sits in the console you can't get fingers under it to get a grip and even if you did get a pry bar under it the cable will stop it from leaving the truck.

    Word of advice if your console is anything like mine, mount the box so it opens backwards. Raising the lid INTO the console keeps all the other... stuff... in the colsole from falling into the loack box. And before you say "clean out your console" let me state that I use this for secure storage only. One I'm back in the car my little friend comes out where I can get to it if needed. The... other stuff.. in teh console actually helps diguise the lock box.
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    Another vote for the gun vault nano 300. Fit's my Glock 26 just fine.

    In our house we have 2 MiniVault 1000S, 1 for my wife's gun and one for mine on each side of the bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I use a Center of Mass safe in my truck...easily hidden and secure. I only use it for short periods of time.
    In Car Gun Lockers
    I also use this. It works great for short periods of time.
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