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mcp1810 is right about the roaming/searching mode, it will suck your battery dry FAST. Lots of stories about Katrina, etc. where everyone just left their phones on and then they were all dead by the time call volume died off and/or service was restored. If you lose service, turn your phone off, or put it in airplane mode until you want to check for service or try to make a call. If you are with other people, you can take truns turning on your phones so you can all maintain battery life if you have no way to charge it.

All of that being said, if you follow the lead of the OP, none of that will be an issue because you should be able to recharge your phone with the solar charger.
Good advice on conserving the battery life. I also have an energy saver app that will shut stuff down to conserve battery life. In most situations, it's a simple matter to just recharge the phone from a vehicle battery. Where the solar charger might come in handy is where the weather is so bad that you can't get to a vehicle or if you're out and the vehicle battery dies. I may get one and see how it does.