Need your input: (22lr)

Need your input: (22lr)

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Thread: Need your input: (22lr)

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    Need your input: (22lr)

    Need your input:
    Looking for a couple of “bag guns” (.22lr), just to throw in the range bag for shooters who have issues with their own guns or for shooter that do not have/have not made their minds up on which gun they wish to purchased.
    I love my Ruger Mark II, just can’t seem to find any “good” deals out there on them, need at least two, maybe four guns more.
    I have looked at several and found a Phoenix Arms “Range Kit” Hp22 (not a big fan of the brand), it comes with both a 4 and 6 inch barrel I believe?
    Has anybody shot these or have recommendations for others? Want to stay in the $200 or less range per handgun,

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    I think new Walther P22s run right around $300+/-, but they're one of my favorites.

    I picked up a Taurus PT-22 for right around $200- it's a pocket .22, but it's been great as long as it's not fed bulk ammo. (Mine prefers the CCI Mini-Mags)

    Of course the Ruger MK(XX) are great guns, but a good bit more than $200. And the '1911/22s' tend to go between $300-400.

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    At ~ $340 (a bit above your target price) I would suggest the S&W M&P22. It's made by Walther, but the ones I've seen appear to be noticeably better quality than the Walther branded pistols in the same class. Extremely reliable, very accurate and easy to operate... especially for new shooters.

    Most of the local shops here that do CCW training have adopted the M&P22 as their student guns and all rave about them. The LGS that I frequent bought a few to try and promptly bought more to accommodate an entire class. The first few each have more that 10,000 rounds through them and are running like champs.
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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I'd walk away rapidly from the Phoenix... too much pot metal involved to get me to risk my $.

    You've got a pretty low price point, understandably, but I keep my eyes open in pawn shops, at shows and GunBroker and I rarely see a decent .22 priced that low. Occasionally there'll be a Ruger Mark I or II for just under $300, and that's what I'd be looking for. Even the used Single Sixes fetch that much these days.

    I'd keep my eyes open for a used Walther P22 as well as the Ruger. These are modestly priced to begin with, so there may be some deals to be found.
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    I found my Ruger Mark, 4" barrel, at Cabelas in their used gun section for $150. There was also another Mark for just a little more. This was about a year and a half ago. Mine had a couple scratches in the finish, but functionally in great shape.

    Another place to check out. You might get lucky - I did!
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    when i was a gun salesman (1998-2002 or so), my store sold MANY Phoenix .22's. they proved to be quite reliable, although i have no idea how many rounds they went through. factory service was also very good, for the few that had to go back.

    that said, i would recommend a better gun, if necessary, a used one, like a Browning Buckmark or a S&W .22. imo, these guns are a better size for shooting, and could be equipped with a red dot sight, which i have found very helpful for beginning shooters (and some experienced ones, too).

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    A used Smith 22A. Cheap, mine was reliable and accurate.
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    That's a hard price point to accomodate. Used Ruger MK's may be your best bet

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