For many years I've carried a Surefire E2e as my off-duty/back up when I'm on-duty light. It had served me well. But so many brighter LED lights had come out since then. I was at the hunting expo in PA this past Feb and picked up an Olight T20. It was a brilliantly bright little light. Very small and comfortable to carry. The only problem was, that I liked to carry bezel up in my rear support side pocketand the T20 is bezel down. No big deal. I made the adjustment.

Fast forward several months and I picked up a Surefire E2D LED. Again, a very bright little light. I started carrying it in my rear support side pocket, bezel up (the way I prefer). Then I noticed that I poked a little hole in the D/S of my car from the crenelated bezel. >:( So I moved it to my front support side pocket. But now I can't access my shield and ID (LEO) quickly if I need to because of the crenelated bezel jabbing me in the hand.

Shame on me for not considering this before my purchase. But I moved the Surefire to a front pocket of my ballistic vest and it will remain an on-duty back up light only. I went back to my Olight as strictly an off-duty light. Not a huge deal, just something that I hadn't considered becoming a problem.