How many extra

How many extra

This is a discussion on How many extra within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many extra magazines is a good number to have for uses such as range work, swapping out your daily carry magazines and such. I ...

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Thread: How many extra

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    How many extra

    How many extra magazines is a good number to have for uses such as range work, swapping out your daily carry magazines and such.

    I got two with my XD.40. I am thinking 3 more would be about right simply because you can't fit 50 rounds into 4 12 round magazines but you can fit 50 into 5 of them.

    what do you think?


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    My main carry guns that use mags I have 5 each. Good for rotation etc.
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    5 magazines is a decent number.
    Not sure if there is an exact perfect # of spare mags to have per pistol.

    I have many more than that for the firearms that I carry & work with often.

    They seem to multiply.
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    They seem to multiply.
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    I like exactly several - but yeah - four and up is useful, both for rotation and sometimes handy for as range session (and IDPA) to load up in advance. Not forgetting too - if a mag gets totally trashed you need spares to fall back on.

    For my 226 I have three 15's that are essentially carry mag's and then three 10's and two 20's. I also have a good many for my BHP - took advantage of a good deal on Argentinian full cap's a coupla years ago.
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    I have 4 for my PX4 so I always have one resting. I think I will probably get one or two more so I can up the percentage resting.
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    Several At Least...

    I have at least 3 for .32's or .380's...but minimum of 4 for for 9mm's and .45's...
    I always have an extra mag for my CCW.

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    5-6 unless its a 1911 then well i have a ton

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    Minimum-2, If I could afford it I would try and keep at least 10 for each different pistol. Since I had 2 mags go belly up, I now have 5 full size mags for 1911, 3 officer size for Defender, 2mags for Taurus, and 2 mags for Browning Highpower 40S&W.

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    I have a minimum of 4 or 5 mags for automatics and at least two speedloaders per revolver. For an AR-15, have enough mags to load 100 rounds.

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    Got to say it depends on what you plan to use the gun for. If it's target shooting or competition, at least five (I can load a box of ammo and take it with me using 10 rd mags). If it's a self-defense gun that you probably won't be firing 500 rds a week with, I'd say a minimum of three (one in the gun and two spares) is adequate.

    As someone else pointed put, you can't really have too many spare mags or too much ammo, but the above numbers are a good minimum from my experience.
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    Six per gun, three range, two spare carry
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    I've got eight 15rd mags on the Browning BDM 9mm, and that results in a fairly long interval for spring swaps. The BDM tends to be my range monkey, taking the brunt of my practice. On the CZ P01 9mm, I've had two in rotation, but recently purchased three more. On the KelTec PM9, I have four. IMO, four or five should be the minimum; more, if shooting frequently.
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    5 each.

    But only have two for .40 cal P239

    I will be happy when the price of these come down a bit.
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    I've always tried to keep at least 5 for carry guns, and at least 3 for "range only" plinkers.

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    I've got 8 mags for my Bersa .380, and 7 mags for my S&W 915. I rotate them every now & again (no set schedule). I load them all up when I go to the range and shoot the whole batch each session. This keeps me informed on the condition of my mags and if any of them need to be replaced.
    It also saves time at the range. I don't spend much time loading mags...I can just keep focused on my shooting.

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