I’m one of the guys on the “SureFire bandwagon”, IF it positively must work when I need it, I use SureFire.

For weapon mounted lights I’ve got:
SureFire X200B , older less Lumans, but a nice wide beam with plenty of spill
X300, great light, sits on my Colt LE6920, probably going to get another.
X400 light/laser combo, sits on my dedicated HD gun (Walther PPQ)
Insight M3X sits on my Benelli MS190, it’s non-LED , but has held up well through multiple practice sessions and muskrat/beaver eradication.
Insight M3, now used as a spare, it sits on my S&W MP15-22 that I use as a trainer.

If you question the SureFire price Vs the Streamlights, take a few minutes and read this thread:

Surefire X400 / Streamlight TLR-2 Design Summary

I'd also avoid too many Lumans for an HD light, "too much of a good thing".