I'm looking to get a Night vision Scope for the purpose of hunting Yotes. I'm looking for a system that is good out to about 100 yards. I'm looking for anybody who has used the above mentioned scopes. I know most are going to say. Go with the PVS-22 or 14s. Thats just not in my budget. I have been over to ARFCOM reading their night vision section. Reading many of the threads all I get is, it ain't worth anything unless it costs at least 3K. I have read a lot of reviews on amazon etc.... and i'm not getting the greatest info on them. I'm looking for something i may use only a couple nights a year in upstate New York; the problem is it may be very cold including sub zero temps. Any feedback on these scopes would be helpful.

Looking to mount this on a 700 SPS .223.