I recently acquired this bag and I thought I would do a little review on it. It's really a multi purpose bag and I have chosen to use it as my vehicle first aid kit.

You can see the details of the bag here: LA Police Gear Zombie Hunter Bag

Overall it's fairly well constructed for the price. There were no stray threads and all the stitching seems solid. The zippers are a little stiff at first but working them back and forth seemed to get them to open fairly smoothly. I think if the corners weren't so sharp they would open even smoother.

Here is the front of the bag. I have a Res-Q-Me tool (glass punch/seat belt cutter) attached to the molle webbing with a grim-lok along with an Inova 24/7 light.

In each of the side compartments I have a tourniquet, H-bandage and gloves. Then in the front compartment I have a smaller kit stored there along with some 5x9 absorbent pads in the magazine holders. The smaller kit is for minor cuts and bruises, and allows me to take it out of the vehicle while still leaving a trauma kit in the car. If you can't tell by the text it also doubles as my pet first aid kit. See below for entire contents of each kit.

This is the bigger back compartment. You can see some bandages, shears along with a pen, Sharpie and some chem lights.

And for completeness, the inside of the small kit.

Kit contents:
- CAT Tourniquet
- Quickclot ACS / Combat Gauze
- H-bandage
- Wound bandage w/ self stick wrap
- wound packing gauze
- (7) 5x9 absorbent compress dressings
- (4) 3x3 gauze pads
- (4) 4x4 gauze pad
- triangle bandage w/safety pins
- (4) gloves
- cloth tape
- space blanket
- shears
- pen/Sharpie
- (2) chem lights
- Boo Boo / Pet kit
-- (1) 5x9 absorbent compress dressing
-- (3) 3x3 gauze pad
-- (2) burn gel pads
-- (2) antibacterial wipes
-- (10) antibacterial ointment
-- cold pack
-- roll bandage 2" & 4"
-- peroxide
-- vet wrap
-- tweezers
-- assorted bandaids
-- EMT Gel
-- collapsable water bowl
-- slip lead
-- thermometer