Review: Streamlight TL-2 LED

Review: Streamlight TL-2 LED

This is a discussion on Review: Streamlight TL-2 LED within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Thats right. I got a new flashlight. Its a Streamlight TL-2 LED. I am fond a Streamlight anyway. I originally wanted an Inova XO but ...

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Thread: Review: Streamlight TL-2 LED

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    Review: Streamlight TL-2 LED

    Thats right. I got a new flashlight. Its a Streamlight TL-2 LED. I am fond a Streamlight anyway. I originally wanted an Inova XO but I got a gift card to Cabelas and they don't sell Inova flashlights. Not to worry though, my birthday is in less than a month. :D

    So, I was in Cabelas trying to figure out the best way to spend this money and I came upon the flashlight section. They had a display where you could hold and mess with flashlights. I held the TL-2 and shined in my eyes, then shined in my wifes eyes, then got kicked in the shin very very hard. :D

    My first thought on this flashlight is that it is skinnier than I though. I am used to my Streamlight Scorpion and Surefire G2. Both are quite thicker than this. This light is also a bit longer. Its not quite as bright as my G2 and Scorpion but only by a little bit. The TL-2 is 42 lumens while the Scorpion and G2 are 60-65 lumens.

    One of the biggest reasons I wanted a high intensity LED light is because of the runtime. The TL-2 is regulated which means that it has a circuit board in the light that regulates the power output going to the bulb its self. For the first two hours you get a cosistant brightness. I may drop off a bit but not near enough to tell. Where the incadescent lights like the G2, Scorpion, E2e, 6P, and many many others start dropping off pretty rapidly.

    Another great atribute of the LED light is the hue of the beam. It has almost a bluish tinge. Much like moon light. I really like the color of the light. It is much much closer to white (the actual white) than any incadescent light I have seen. When shining my G2 and the TL-2 side but side it is really hard to tell which is brighter. but the G2 looks very yellow also.

    The only thing I didn't like about the light is the Lanyard set up. Where it attaches the light, more specifically. It has a split ring on the end of the lanyard and you attach that to the end of the pocket clip. I wish there was an easier way to attach the light and a more sturdy place as well.

    Anyway, the light cost $69.99. If you shop online you may be able to find it a bit cheaper. I had a gift card so I wasn't too worried about the price.

    For a review of the light you can go here. (note: the flashlight in the link is an older model that is not regulated and has a different anti-roll bezel.)

    I did notice in the link that the 'anti-roll' bezel has changed. Mine is different.

    I will have pictures of mine before too long. I really like this light and if you want a no nonsense light that has a bit longer runtime than a regular high intensity light, then the TL-2 is for you.

    Here are some preliminary pics so you can get an idea of what the flashlight looks like and some of the internals.

    First, here are acouple of the flashlight.

    Here is a close up of the pocket clip.

    Here is the tailcap.

    Here are acouple of the LED module. The LED is a 1 watt luxeon star. (high dome)

    And for a size comparison.


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    New review on this light.

    As far as brightness/throw compared to other lights. (measured in Lux)

    TL-2 LED (regulated)
    center of beam:2000

    Inova XO
    center of beam:884

    Inova T2
    center of beam:725

    Inova T3
    center of beam:2100

    The one thing that the streamlight doesn't have over the Inova XO and T2 is runtime. I'm not too worried about that at this point though. I have used this light ALOT over the weekend and have noticed no change in brightness yet.


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