Anyone know of a good recoil reducing grip sleeve?

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Thread: Anyone know of a good recoil reducing grip sleeve?

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    Anyone know of a good recoil reducing grip sleeve?


    guys and gals, we just got my wife the Bodyguard 380 from Cabelas for $429 it was a kit that came with a holster and a spare mag. It's her first pistol ever, and so far she's worn it everyday in a Galco Stinger OWB leather holster. She's interested in a grip sleeve to make it more comfortable to shoot, and hopefully reduce felt recoil a bit. Anyone have any ideas?

    I've seen the Hogue Handall Jr.'s on Amazon and the Pachmayr's. The Hogue grip is not specifically designed for the BG380 so some alterations have to be made according to the reviews, but the Pach's are made specifically for the BG380. But we're not sure which one's are thicker or absorb recoil better.

    Anyone have any experience with these grips or have other better suggestions? If you have the Hogue's, Pach's, or other on your Bodyguard 380 please post pics!

    Thanks everybody, Chris-gNg

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    Try using the thumbs forward grip before adding a "bulky" grip sleeve that is not going to offer much reduction in felt recoil anyway. The thumbs forward or more commonly known "tactical grip" aloows for the shooters arms to take the brunt of the recoil and not the hands and wrist so much. This also allows for better target aquirment accuracy and foolow up shots. Search the grip here in the forums or on youtube.

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    I'd suggest that sleeves won't noticeably reduce felt recoil. Their design is to increase grip.

    IMO, the best ways to reduce felt recoil include spreading the load across a greater area on the hand (ie, larger or differently-shaped grips), different loading, improved strength/technique to better handle what recoil there is. Simply adding a stickier surround on the existing grip won't do much, in that regard.
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    I use Limbsaver (mainly because I hate the idea of the removable backstrap on my PPS)

    Limbsaver 2011 - Recoil Pads
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    Some Limbsaver pics (that are actually old "holster pics" that happen to be at a proper angle).

    photo (3).JPGphoto (9).JPG

    Limbsaver on top of a Talon. I believe the Limbsaver has little rubber bubble-things on the inside that flatten out during recoil to assist it's management. Not sure if it works, it's hard to tell with the already light 9mm. It doesn't make it worse.

    Definitely more comfortable though, the fact that it goes all the way up the web of my hand is really nice.
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