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to laser or not to laser

This is a discussion on to laser or not to laser within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have lasers on all my self-defense handguns. Here's why: 1. I'm on target faster. 2. I'm more accurate. 3. It's better and faster than ...

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Thread: to laser or not to laser

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    I have lasers on all my self-defense handguns.

    Here's why:
    1. I'm on target faster.
    2. I'm more accurate.
    3. It's better and faster than iron sights in low light and especially in the dark.
    4. I can shoot from almost any body position with either hand or both hands very accurately.
    5. It's as fast as point shooting, but much more accurate.
    6. My head doesn't have to be in line or level with the gun.
    7. The laser requires only viewing the target and not the gun.
    8. My arm, hand, and gun don’t have to be in a position that blocks vision around the target area.
    9. I can see peripherally much better.
    10. Wearing multi-focal eyeglasses requires acquiring the correct focal portion of the glasses as well as acquiring sight alignment and sight picture (I wear trifocals). Not necessary with the laser.
    Also, with some multi-focal eyeglass wearers if the sights are in focus the target isn't or visa-versa.
    11. The laser helps with trigger pull and natural pointing during dry fire and hot fire practice.
    12. The gun prints less like a gun in pocket carry.
    13. The iron sights are still there if you want them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyBill View Post
    I can't seem to get the hang of shooting with the laser. I bought a crimson trace for my LCP because my wife was not able to hit center mass at 7 yards and I thought it would help. Granted the LCP is not a range gun but I have no problem without the laser but I cant stay in one place when trying to use the laser. Not sure if it's due to having really large hands or what else ( it messes up my grip to try to squeeze the " on" button at the same time bringing the trigger back.

    Do those who use crimson trace maintain the laser "on" through the shot, or just until target is acquired then release it?

    Thinking about putting it on ebay if I can't make it work for me even though it's only a month or so old. Solution for my wife turned out to be a different gun that actually has sights.
    KYBill, if you think about selling it, please let me know. I may be interested.

    Obviously I would be in favor of any tool that could help in a SHTF situation.
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    It's all in what you like. I took my crimson trace laser off my Kimber and replaced it with hogue grips. I just never used them that often.
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    I have the Hogue grip that is made for the Crimson Trace and yes, the grip is very comfortable for me.

    I'll try the laser another time or two at the range, if I can't get it to work for me I'll post my decision before I go to ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBSR View Post
    I've never considered them due to the $250.00 +- price tag. Some friends love them, but don't have them on all of their pistols. I'm thinking if you had to point the weapon at a BG, without looking at the sights at all, it would give you a better chance of a hit, say you're keeping your "Important parts" behind a wall. :)

    I do strongly advocate good night sights though. That first shot is your best shot at stopping whatever it is that caused you to draw in the first place.

    Be safe.

    wow, where are you buying lasers. I have lasers on four pistols and havent paid over 80 for any of them. I have the laserlyte side mount on a pf9 and a p32. They dont seem to have as much of a problem with distance as the undermount ones due to the laser being more in line with the barrel. It woudl be usefull in low light in my house when I dont just want to stand in front of the BG and want to shoot from around the corner and cant get directly behind the sights. The red dot also has sort of the same effect as the cycling of a shotgun. People know what it means.

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    I use a Streamlight TLR-4 with my Smith & Wesson M&P9c when I'm at home. This isn't my gun or picture, but here's what it looks like:

    Not a bad combo for $105.

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    Just my own personal opinion but I dont want any light lazer or not attached to my weapon which unless im doing fairly contorted shooting is going to be a nice bullseye for someone that is near parts of me that are on the top of my like to keep functioning list.

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    That's all fine and dandy when you're standing up at a range shooting at a piece of paper.

    Do a combat draw under duress (timer or after some jumping jacks) in broad daylight and try to hit multiple targets from multiple positions while moving.

    I'm willing to bet you won't be able to see that little red dot at all when you're moving fast...Much less when your life is on the line.

    I'm really not being combative here, I'm just pointing out that building a dependency on a laser under perfect conditions may not work too well under imperfect conditions.

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    to laser or not to laser

    After a lot of thought, I think a laser is a good idea as an extra option (not primary sight). I've purchased one of the Viridian green light/laser combos. I've purchased a fair number of holsters that support this configuration.

    But.. I don't use them. Reason? I've never found a holster combo that provides a flawlessly smooth draw. Mostly, sure. But every once in a while things bind up during the draw and that overrides and benefit of having he laser/light.

    I have Garrett, Raven and Sunrise holsters for my P2000SK and PPQ.

    I think it is worth having, IF you can find a holster and laser that works flawlessly with your specific firearm and carry method.



    Edit: I agree with WillowHawk that the red lasers can have visibility issues.

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    to laser or not to laser

    They are pricey, but I intend to add a laser to my EDC at some point. I am comfortable enough shooting without it, however, it's another tool that can make me more efficient and that is never a bad thing.

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    I will never use a laser on my defense guns. When confronted with a life or death situation, you are much better spending time putting lead on target than looking for a tiny red dot that you probably won't be able to see when your adrenalin kicks in.

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    Oh dear. Once again, a lot of the usual misinformation about lasers is rearing its ugly head.

    The Case for Lasers | Cornered Cat

    Practicing with Laser Grips | Cornered Cat
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    Recently, there was a pastor down South, their parsonage is attached to the church. They had a Meth head break in and threaten the family. The pastor pulled his pistol but didn't point it yet, and the presence of the firearm did not deter the guy, who continued to advance. The pastor pointed in, with the red dot on the meth heads chest--THAT stopped him, looking down and seeing the red dot there. He stayed put for the Police.

    Many Law Enforcement agencies have documented the deterrant factor of the laser. I want every edge I can have, and it the little red dot stops the threat and I don't actually have to shoot somebody, I'm good with that.....for that alone, I feel they are worth the money.
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