A big ask from Down Under: FLIR

A big ask from Down Under: FLIR

This is a discussion on A big ask from Down Under: FLIR within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; G'day from Down Under, I do most of my posting on this forum over on the holsters list. A big ask: locals here in Queensland, ...

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Thread: A big ask from Down Under: FLIR

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    A big ask from Down Under: FLIR

    G'day from Down Under, I do most of my posting on this forum over on the holsters list.

    A big ask: locals here in Queensland, Australia, are doing their very best to save koalas (they're not bears; no, you can't hunt them) that have been either hit by cars, or attacked by feral cats and dogs.

    When injured they go to ground, and this mob then tries to find them in the dark using flashlights.

    They would be much better off with FLIR (forward looking infrared), but there are no local makers, and all my USA contacts in that area have long ago dried up.

    Anyone here have connections with a maker who would give them the lend of a FLIR item for evaluation, with the prospect of them buying them in future for wildlife rescue?

    Hopefully I've posted this in the right area, don't want to be off-topic.

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    PVS 14 is not FLIR but very good NV. Most of the time their ads mentioned that sales are restricted within the US only? Good luck with the Koalas.
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    I just checked a police supply company web site, and starlight-scope NVGs are restricted to US-only customers. If these are not exportable, I have a hard time believing FLIR would be, either.

    Your best bet is probably your own government agencies. Maybe your local police, military, or wildlife conservation can lend you a unit?

    Good luck.
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    I'm sure you would need a govt. waiver for export to AU. It may be doable since AU is essentially a disarmed country and has a good diplomatic relationship with the USA. I would think the request would have to be made on behalf of some sort of sponsored wildlife organization. I doubt they would issue a waiver for mere individuals with no type of agency or organization behind them.

    You would have to contact the US State Dept. with your plea first. Then if you get the go ahead, and documentation, you can contact the manufacurers to see if they will go for the lend/lease type proposition.

    I can see it happening... Just not without jumping through some hoops, and a mountain of red tape.

    I think it's a worthy cause and worth at least a few International phone calls. Just don't be surprised at the amount of time you're placed on hold when making the phone calls. It could be an expensive phone bill. Spend as little time as possible on the phone and do as much as possible through written corrispondence or email.

    Good luck, Red.
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    FLIR would work Sir, if you can get your hands on one. Our law enforcement agencies all use it on their airships to spot warm bodies on the ground. I'd think a Koalas bear would have a significant heat signature. I'll do some checking with some of my buddies and/or sources to see if there are export restrictions on a loaner. You'd most likely have to cover the cost of shipping both ways. I'll get back with you via private message.
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    Re: A big ask from Down Under: FLIR

    I really wish I could help. I've been donating to the rescue efforts of koalas (and many other animals) pretty much ever since my first job. I however have no experience with this equipment or any contacts that do.

    Best of luck in your efforts!
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    Pretty sure (as mentioned above) that this technology is ITAR restricted. Exporting them is a federal crime without proper authorizations etc... - I have no idea what those are. Lots of info on this site: Tactical Night Vision Company

    I seem to remember that some of the older technology stuff may be less restricted. Not 100% sure.


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    Have you tried something from the marine department? RayMarine has something that you may be able to use although I have no experience with it myself. I also know nothing of the laws over there but your flag is at the upper right hand side of this page, right next to ours so it might not be impossible. Good Luck! Raymarine TH-Series Cameras
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    Try These folks RED.

    Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Infrared Camera Systems | FLIR Systems

    Sounds like a worthy cause. Possibly they can give or long term loan you an earlier model.
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    Thanks, all, including the PM; it never occurred to me the consider import/export restrictions. Yes, I found the local FLIR site immediately, but after handing the project off to the locals who got nowhere, I thought going direct would speed things up.

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    You might check with your local fire / rescue folks. Thermal imagers are becoming more and more common in the fire department toybox, they might have one or be able to suggest a source.

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