Just wanted to do a short little review,and to put the word out if anyones looking for a nice inexpensive ammo can..
First of all I picked it up for $15 flat off Amazon, and it was cheaper then just the regular forest Green..But I like the Zombie Twist to it
Anyways metal army ones are good of course,But most of them don't have locks, and to mod one you have to have a drill and the hole cutter bit,and a latch and all the time not something I really have right now nor the extra money..Anyways
Its got Zombie bright green large handle and latches(they dont look like the baby poo green in the Amazon pics)..
Its a 50cal military-style can offering dry storage for bulk or boxed ammuntion or whatever else..
Its got an O-Ring seal for waterproofing.I would not suggest submerging this completely in water how there is no need and not very practical...
But I see would work very good in normal Weather/Rain conditions very well..
I want to try test it in the shower n see how it holds up...I'll let you guys know..
Also it is made of rugged polypropylene plastic with reinforced bottom/thick sidewalls
A Heavy Duty Dual latching system,also double padlock tabs.
Theres molded in stacking ridges and a large handle for comfortable carrying which folds down.
There's a 30 pound weight capacity.
Outside Dimensions: 7.4" (L) x 13.5" (W) x 8.5" (H); Inside Dimensions: 5.8" (L) x 11" (W) x 7.2" (H)
Anyways I really like it and would highly reccommend it hers some pics
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-045.jpg
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-049.jpg
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-048.jpg
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-046.jpg
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-050.jpg
MTM Zombie Ammo Can-044.jpg