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This is a discussion on Flashlights? within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've used a ton of models, and my favorite is by far the Streamlight Strion C4 LED. It's tiny, bright as the sun, and rechargeable. ...

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Thread: Flashlights?

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    I've used a ton of models, and my favorite is by far the Streamlight Strion C4 LED. It's tiny, bright as the sun, and rechargeable. The beam is perfect, and bright white. I carry one on duty, and also have one mounted on the long gun. I've beat the snot out of both of them, and they never quit. I've banged them around, dropped them in water, dropped them on the ground more times than I can count. They keep ticking. Right around $100 if you want both chargers (AC/DC). IMO worth the extra money. I think its a better light than many similar SureFire lights, for less money. Just one man's opinion.

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    I have a skinny little Streamlight I carry every day. If I'm going somewhere after dark I'll bring along a Surefire - I have a couple different ones. Medium sized ones....I don't remember the models.


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    For high reliability, great light beam/focus, decent lumens and great quality, I generally find myself coming back to this: SolarForce L2 host with single 18650 LiIon cell, and a Malkoff M61W drop-in light module.

    This combination provides a great beam. Though much lower overall output than many of the high-output alternatives available today, the quality of the light and beam are head and shoulders above most everything else I have tried. With the body selection of the SolarForce L2, it allows for addition of one or more extension tubes to accommodate additional 18650 cells, if higher-power LED's are preferred (ie, Malkoff's 91AW) and/or longer duration is desired (assuming it's within the voltage specs of the LED).

    For a simpler, more compact, and less expensive alternative, I enjoy the 4Sevens Mini.
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    I have bought so many cheap LED flashlights it would make a person crazy. Most of them have been relegated to a drawer as battery storage since I bought my Fenix LD22. Small size, uses AA's and has several modes. 200 lumens and I got it for around $60 at a gun show. Its been my EDC light for about 5 months now and I love it.

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    I have a surefire G34 it cost around 35 bucks ,I do not like lithuim batteries as they give NO warning when they quit.I purchased led flaslights that use 6 triple a batteries and they last a lot longer than lithuim batteries.I liked them so much I bought two more packages at thirty buck a package.They are stainless bodys and they have more power than 3 cell battery with the old fashion bulb.I've looked for replacement bulbs which are high performance.I got the flashlight at Sam's club.

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    I have also used many flashlights over the years and carry one of these three every day and night.

    The Surefire 6px pro most often. It has 2 settings, 15 lumens and 320 lumens. But the P2X Fury Defender runs a close second with 1, 500 lumen setting.

    The 6PX I got for $89.99 and the Fury was $139.99. The other is an Energizer 150 lumen light that I got for $29.99 at Academy and am so impressed with it I have one in my truck, one in my wifes car, and 2 for the house.

    The energizer takes 2 AA while the Surefires take 123's. I do use rechargeables but ALWAYS have a spare set of regular batteries close as backups.
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    I've purchased 8 of these... BBQbuy@7w 300lm Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light Lamp - Amazon.com Nice for the price. Takes 1 AA and has a High, Low, and Strobe. Make sure you purchase from BestDeal777. They come from China, and take about 11 days to arrive...You can't complain for less than $6.50 a piece shipped. Good nightstand or glove box light too. Blinding someone momentarily would not be out of the question as they are very bright.
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    I have recently purchesed Armytek Predator. I like matte body cover. As regards beam shot, it is really good. Carry this flashlight every day and don't have any problems yet

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    Anyone have experiance with the MonsterFlashlight brand. I think I lost my most recent tac light to the wife .
    Any ways looks to be US made up in NJ.
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    I've been around flashlights all my life(flashaholic) and recently been carrying the nitecore mh25 Nitecore MH25 860 Lumens LED Rechargeable Flashlight. I am really impressed with this light. 3 Different modes from lighting up a house from 100 yards away to low light for walking around.

    You can either charge it in with a nook or ipad charger or by a usb port.

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    After a lot of looking I went with a Sunwayman T20CS - Products - sunwayman
    I checked it out a few days after receiving it down a dark road and it looked like a car with high beams on! Very rugged torch.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sigs View Post
    https://www.foursevens.com/ High quality, fast & free shipping.
    I carry the Quark 123^2 and the preon. The quark has been through the wash twice now, accidentally, and works like it was new.

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    What about updating an older flashlight? I have an older 2 D-cell Mag Lite that still works very good, but it does not have a LED bulb. I would love to find a replacement bulb that would also skyrocket the lumens, but thus far, I have not been successful in my search.

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    Keep in mind that the quoted lumens on most of those Chinese flashlights are optimistic at best, typically showing the highest possible output a particular model LED might be able to put out on its best day, in the best conditions, with the best power source. Then they stick it in their light which isn't ideal and doesn't allow the best possible battery source. This doesn't mean they're bad (I have quite a few), just that you shouldn't compare their quoted lumen output with more...reputable companies such as Fenix for FourSevens which actually measure their specific model's lumens, not just what the CREE datasheet says is possible.

    And MJClark: Look for TerreLux conversions for your maglight. May not 'skyrocket', but reviews I've seen indicate it's a vast improvement over the stock bulbs.
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    I'm on the same wagon as FlaRon....buy once, cry once.

    I'm a Streamlight, SureFire, MagLite fan myself.
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