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I have been thinking of getting a pair, but I am likely to spend most of my time shooting at an indoor range that is very popular right now. I already have a set of foam ear plugs that are said to reduce noise by 32 dbl, but I don't want to risk my hearing.

Are there other brands that work just as well? I rather not spend $45 on something that is not going to work that great for what I need.
The Howard Leight impact line (Impact and Pro) are about the best balance of price for performance out there. Plenty of others have tried to match the price point, but all the ones I've tried give up performance, comfort, or seem to have some other issues. So really $45 for this performance probably would have cost 10x that before their line came out. You CAN find electronic muffs that have better performance, but if $45 is a high risk expenditure, you likely won't care for the pricetags on them.

But, you're also missing the point and benefits to some extent...Indoors, I would recommend still wearing the foam plugs under the electronics muffs...then crank up the volume on the muffs. This lets you talk and hear at a normal conversation level while doubling up on the protection you gain.

Finally, for a few extra dB protection, check out the Impact Pro (nrr 30dB vs 22dB on the Sports). They cost more and are much bulkier, but that extra reduction can make a difference when the guy on the line next to you pulls out a magnum.